Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Things I Have Learned as a New Mom

Things I Have Learned as a New Mom:

Doing some reflecting before Mother's Day! I just wanted to talk about a few things that were on my mind. I haven't really had a chance to do so since my girl was born and I always feel like I am pushing all of my blog post ideas aside lately and thinking I will get around to it and never do. I have so many blog posts planned, just haven't found the right time to post them. I also really want to know what you guys love to read on here. I love incorporating my ideas with some requests every now and then, so if you have any requests, let me know! I have a few emails requesting more mommy things, more beauty things and even videos. How do you all feel about that? What are some fun things you guys prefer? Let me know in the comments below or in an email! You know that I always get back to all of you and love to chat with you all! 
Also, I've realized my google+ views are over 1 million views so I would love to know all of my followers. If you aren't already, do me a favor and follow along with email or any of the other options on the right hand side of my blog. I love seeing all of you guys pop-up on there! Makes interacting, writing, and blogging in general more fun when I can connect with you all! Moving on...

1. There is no right way to do anything.
 Do what feels right, I intentionally didn't over research during my pregnancy because I did not want to feel inadequate. Sometimes I feel like when you get too many opinions from a bunch of different people you stop trusting your instincts and don't go with your gut on anything. You start re-thinking all of those articles you read when you were pregnant. No mom needs to feel inadequate, trust your gut!

2. I am now ambidextrous.
Guys, I swear. Being a mom is pretty cool sometimes. You figure out you have all these super powers you didn't know you were capable of doing, like buttering toast with your left hand while holding your babe in your right arm.

3. Life does not revolve around me anymore.
Not saying this in an obnoxious way, but seriously, things change big time. It is a major adjustment being a mom. Oh, you have to pee? TOUGH. Baby needs to eat. Oh, you're hungry? BUMMER. Baby just had a major diaper blow out. Something as simple as showering requires a baby swing/jumper, a few good toys, some music and a clear shower curtain. Not even a shower can be relaxing with a new baby because you are busy shaving your legs and singing songs to keep little one occupied long enough to rinse out your conditioner.

4. I have become VERY forgetful. 
I have a great memory. I can remember dates and birthdays and I am great at memorizing things. Someone please explain to me why I can't find my phone half the time or where I put my keys. I have found it is most likely because I am more concerned about Sophie the Giraffe making it into the diaper bag and because I am wondering if I grabbed enough diapers before heading out the door. Shortly after my girl was born I started finding my phone in weird places. Zack found it in the fridge one time and another time in my mom's dresser drawer at her just lose it. Every mom will tell you there is no hope, forget you ever had a memory. If I am the only one than you guys are impressive and I bow down to you.

5. I respect and appreciate all moms.
There are a BAJILLION other things that I have learned as a new mom and continue to learn as a mom every single day. However, the most important thing I think I have learned is moms are amazing. All moms. I respect and love all moms. Their love for their babies is unconditional and raw. A mother's love is so real and beautiful. I am grateful that I get to experience a love like this. As exhausting as it is to have all of my thoughts consumed by thoughts of my baby girl...I am so in love with her I wouldn't want to think about anything else. I never really realized how much I put myself first until I had a baby, but it feels so natural to give up that selfish side. Some days being a mom is easy other days it is difficult and you break down crying, but every single second is so worth it. I have a deep respect for other moms and think we all need a pat on the back, or a really really long massage because my back is jacked up from breast feeding and I can't move when I wake up in the morning, anyone else with me?

Happy Mother's Day to all of you gorgeous mommies out there. Whether you are reading this and are pregnant, a new mom or a mom to many little munchkins, you are all doing your best and you are all superheroes. 

XO Sydney