Monday, April 27, 2015

Elba's 5 Month Update

5 Months Old

I can't believe I have a 5 month old baby girl...where has the time gone? I feel like she was just a little newborn and now she is growing way too quickly for me. It really is so bitter sweet because as sad as I am to watch her grow I am also having so much fun watching her personality develop.

Mama's Favorite Things

I love how sassy she is

I love that she still prefers to cuddle as a way of falling asleep

I love her giggle

I love how she actually enjoys getting kinda scared and jumpy (weirdo)

I love when she sleeps like an old man with her hands behind her head

I love when she gets excited

I love how she mimics me

I love what a little chunk she is

I love when she snacks on her feet

I have a love/hate relationship with how much she loves her bath

I love that she does raspberries all the time to entertain herself

I love her high pitched squeaks at home and in public

I love it all....and much much more...

Elba's Quirks

She is a zombie/attack dog/gremlin/monster, she will attack anything in her path with her vicious gummy bite

She is super sassy with a major attitude, she will choose random times of the day to intentionally NOT crack a smile even though you can see she is holding one back

She will go on a screaming rampage starting at about 7-7:30pm because it is bath time and if she hasn't got a bath yet, you will know about it

Obviously she loves her bath time

She attacks faces with her mouth

LOVES any bag with crinkly sounds, she will steal bags from my hand

She will grab my face or Zack's face and smother it with a giant open mouth kiss

She is starting to get super cuddly

She still loves to be outside rather than inside

If she could go on a walk all day she would

She is very demanding & controlling

Very into touch & scratching

She loves Barney

Starting to throw her toys

Starting to cry when she throws her toys and then wants her toys again

Holds her mouth shut super tight when she doesn't want her pacifier

Extremely into touch, she still strokes her face with her hand whenever she eats, it is hysterical to watch

Finds it funny to laugh and smile when I am trying to feed her in public under my if trying to finagle that isn't difficult enough already I have a little comedian making it 10x harder

Will gag herself super dramatically if she doesn't want her pacifier and we try to put it in her mouth...ACTRESS

Likes to be thrown in the air

She gets excited when we get excited for her

Breaking out of the swaddle half-way through the night to teeth...poor girl

Loves all of her teething toys, especially Sophie the Giraffe

She loves when I make super obnoxious noises and grunting sounds, sooo weird haha

.....and way more.

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): She is still in size 2 diapers; She wears size 3 month leggings/6 month leggings; She wears anywhere from 3-6 mo shirts to 12 mo shirts; She wears 6-9 mo onesies...

Eyes: A super confused gray-olive-brown-blue...

Hair: Her new hair is coming in super thick and short haha with her long hair making little pig-tails in the back...

Sleeping: Pretty well, some rough teething nights here and there

Eating: She isn't too into solids yet, she wants all of mine and Zack's food, we tried bananas and she is NOT into them as of yet. We tried the oatmeal thing, she doesn't hate it but doesn't love it!

  • Sitting up on her own for long periods of time, she is really getting good at balancing herself
  • Rolling from tummy to back
  • Rolling from back to tummy
  • Laughing
  • Army crawling lil' inch worm
  • Mimicking 
  • Experimenting with solids

We love you so much baby girl. You really have completed our lives. You are my purpose and my every day and I love you like crazy. Your daddy loves you to death and you are his number one girl!

XO Sydney