Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Sorbets!

Okay, so the sorbets from COSCO... we have been craving them for a while now, we had them about 6 months ago, went through the entire pack over a period of a few weeks and then we never went back and got more. 

Last night before bed we made the decision to go to COSCO and get more when we woke up! WOOOOOO we just sat outside and enjoyed them in the warm sun in our backyard with the pup:)

As you can see, our pup, Oak, tried to get himself some sorbet as well;)

Okay so maybe he got a little taste....

After we finished our pomegranate one in the lemon half, we may have gone back for the coconut one, what can I say..we really really were craving them! haha!
Oh man we look tired!!!

Well we have gone through 4 out of the 12 of these things, but let me tell you, they are amazinnnnnngg!

So good :)

How is everyone else spending their Sunday?