Tuesday, July 1, 2014

18 Weeks Pregnant Picture

18 Weeks Pregnant Update!

It's so funny how much more 'bloated' the belly looks when I do not take them first thing in the morning. The size of the belly also differs throughout the week...depending on what I eat or how much water I am retaining that day. I am trying to stay active so I don't bloat so much. But there is definitely a difference in the pictures above in contrast to the pictures below where I had just worked out and not really drank any water or eaten anything yet.

How far along: I am 18 weeks and 5 days in the top pictures!

Symptoms: Tailbone pain, occasional breakouts, moody when hungry, moody when tired, boobs have been hurting a lot this week and I don't think I can afford for them to get any need like three hands to fully cup one of them, back hurts when standing or sitting for a long tons of issues this week haha.

Cravings:  Not really any cravings this week...I keep wanting cake and I am so NOT a baked goods person. My weakness is candy and candy only, but cake...a really fresh cake sounds good and no I will NOT be giving into that craving haha.

Aversions: No specific aversions this week, but when Zack suggests something to eat I normally feel strongly against it or fully for it, so it kind of depends on the day.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: I have been napping a lot this week for some reason. I tell Zack to set an alarm for 30 minutes and then he tries to wake me and I am asleep for 3 hours. I am not a heavy napper normally so I think she must be going through a major growth spurt this week or something. 

Excited for: Still really excited for the anatomy scan coming up soon! Can't wait to see her!

Missing: Having more energy and less restrictions. Not being able to lift certain things that are too heavy or just feeling limited in general. I have been okay with the whole pregnant in summer this week & loving that my body is just growing our little baby. 
Movement: I feel her moving all of the time and Zack feels her move all of the time too. My mom has felt her move as well. She is super active in the morning and in the afternoon...and then a bit before bed. I can see her kicks all of the time too, they are so cute and little.

Dr. update: We go back soon for the big scan!

Exercise: I still get out and exercise everyday. I have been going on a lot of early early morning walks with Oak. We get up at around 5:15 AM and go on an hour to an hour and a half walk. I am burning tons of calories, just not as quickly as I used to with my other workouts, but I am still replenishing them at breakfast and throughout the day. Just staying active and healthy so labor is hopefully easier and so it won't be such a pain to take off any baby weight later. 

These pictures were taken after my workout first thing in the morning during the 18th week and you can still see muscle tone so that's a good sign! You just can't see it in the pictures above because I had drank water and eaten a little something I believe. It is also funny to see the belly at the very end of the day when I look huge....

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  1. How much did yo gain by that time you are sharing photos of? ^_^ you look gorgeous ^_^