Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ruptured Cyst at 5 Weeks & 6-7 Week Pregnancy Update

So before we get into the 6-7 week update I thought I would share week 5 with you guys. Week 5 I had an ovarian cyst rupture. This makes my abdomen swell up like a balloon because of the internal bleeding into the abdomen and the fluid from the cyst. It is basically like filling up a flat water-balloon to its full extent. Normally I have a flat stomach and there are lines where my abs are, nope, not in this picture. When I went to get my first ultrasound at 5 weeks they said there was tons of fluid on the sides under my ribs and obviously in my abdomen. When I have ovarian cysts rupture my belly button gets extremely bruised. The doctor thinks its from my umbilical hernia that I had when I was younger, my mom mentioned it to them and they think that is the most plausible explanation. For anyone who has had an ovarian cyst rupture, you know how long it takes for the swelling to go down. Your abdomen is completely distended. You are basically carrying around a bunch of extra fluid for about 8 weeks. So I don't even get a chance to enjoy the first 12 weeks of pregnancy still feeling skinny. Instead I already look like I am 3-4 months pregnant :(. I know the swelling will go down, and it somewhat has, but once it finally subsides is going to be around the time that I will actually begin showing haha, oh well!


For now, I still have about 2-3 cysts on my left ovary which makes the left part of my abdomen stick out more and it even feels harder on the outside of my stomach because you can feel the extra pressure. My mom had cysts when she was pregnant with all of my siblings and I and they are not usually a problem, more so just extremely painful or a nuisance... 


How far along: When I went to the doctor the ultrasound technician measured about 6weeks 1day and I was expecting to be closer to 7weeks based on the typical calculations from the date of your last period. However, she said it's always easier to tell the exact date and measurements when you are closer to about 18weeks. So for now I am in between 6-7 weeks.

Symptoms: I had no symptoms other than sore boobs for the first couple of weeks. Sore boobs and I was ready for bed by 2PM. I would come home and I couldn't complete any of my homework or get any studying done. I am still kind of in that situation. I try to fight through it, but I end up just falling asleep or dozing off. I never sleep in the car and Zack and I have been back and forth between San Diego and San Clemente this past week...normally we switch off driving, I feel like I get from point A to point B faster haha so I do not mind driving, but this week he has been needing to do all of the driving because my eyes start burning from exhaustion. This is especially weird for me because I am a night owl and a morning person. I can wake up at 5AM and be up until 2AM if I needed to and still feel fine...not anymore. A few days before my ultrasound I started getting a little nauseas. I had no nausea for weeks and then it kicked in. I am not throwing up, but everything smells disgusting to me. I'm sensitive to smoke, candles, any food. There is a candle with lavender and Echinacea in our bathroom that is driving me nuts and I am starting to give it dirty looks. I hate it right now.  

Cravings: ABSOLUTELY NONE. I am grossed out by all food. BUT if I do not eat every few hours I get nauseas, a sick and twisted game my body is playing on me. For the past few days I have been living on plain gluten-free crackers and ginger ale. I am not happy about it and I am missing the last few weeks when my mouth was watering for cucumber and carrots. When I first found out I was pregnant it was all about the veggies, that lasted a week....then the following week it was all fruits, except apples. I was really loving bananas for some reason. However, that has all changed and now I am not craving anything at all. 

Aversions: EVERYTHING. I managed to get a fruit smoothie down this morning just because I feel like my baby needed something other than carbonation and empty calories from the gluten-free crackers, which are really just half air anyways (stupid fake crackers). 

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: At all the wrong times of the day. I fall asleep randomly during the day for about 30 minutes, where ever I am, I will just fall asleep. Which is getting extremely difficult when I am trying to get studying done...or anything for that matter. During the night I wake up about 1-2 times to go to the bathroom. Perks of pregnancy, as if I didn't pee enough already, it has upped its game. Zack finds it entertaining though. During the week I get up at 4AM to pee and then I can't really fall back asleep and my body has gotten used to the pattern that I now just involuntarily wake up an hour before my alarm. Great stuff. 

Excited for: Hearing the heartbeat again this week. We have another doctor's appointment this week to keep an eye on everything and we may be doing another ultrasound. 

Missing: Working out hard. I tried to do a light version of what my workouts consist of on Thursday morning and I felt fine, I just felt tired and not as energetic as I usually do, but after I completed my 45 minute workout I had some spotting. It was NOT bright red blood, and spotting that isn't bright red blood is common during this time, but I called my doctor anyways. We went to our ultrasound appointment on Friday and heard the heartbeat and it was a strong heartbeat the nurse said so we were excited! I am also missing eating healthy and not just eating what I can stomach. 

Movement: None

Dr. update: Because I had some spotting I have to be on bed rest for two days. Which has been extremely boring I think I already have cabin fever. I was put on a low dose progesterone suppository just for optimal conditions for the baby, especially after the spotting. My doctor called me yesterday and he said my bloodwork looks great and that he will see me this Friday for a check-up. So for now its taking it easy for two weeks he said.

Exercise: I wish....I feel tense and uncomfortable not being able to do my normal workouts. It always relaxes me after a hard workout. I miss feeling tired from working out and not just from growing a little jelly bean. For now, I have to take a few days off...maybe even a week, but I will likely start doing some light exercising like walking by Monday, I am gonna have to considering my college campus is all hills...