Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Frank Body Cacao Coffee Scrub Review

I have been using the frank coffee scrub in the original scent for a few months now, there is another review on that scrub you can read here and I absolutely love it. I use it pretty consistently, maybe a few times a week and it has lasted me months. Zack uses it too so it gets double the use and still takes a while to deplete it. I am at the bottom of the bag finally with a few uses left which is why I decided to order another bag from frank. I was debating on sticking with the original, but they recently came out with the cacao scent and I haven't found many reviews on it so I thought it would benefit everyone if I branched out and decided to try the new cacao scent. I am SO GLAD I DID.

Zack got the package when it was delivered and I wasn't with him, so I demanded he open it to smell it when it arrived yesterday (they are really good about timely shipping by the way). He texted me back telling me it smells like amazing mocha goodness and it totally does. The first thing I did when I got home was smell it and it is so good. It is extremely different to the original scent. 
I would say the original scent has more citrus and fruitiness & the cacao scent smells really rich and yummy. It smells like a dark chocolate bar mixed with coffee and vanilla. It is so delicious. 

I primarily focus this scrub on my face, I have a lot of hyper pigmentation because of my skin tone. I have a really olive skin tone and for some reason I scar very easily on my face. I know that I must think it is worse than what other people see because everyone is their own worst critic, but it is still something that bothers me. Some weeks I will have really good skin, like right now, I don't really have any break outs...which is weird considering my hormones are crazy from being pregnant, but right now my skin is actually really good. My skin is mostly recovering from breakouts when I was in college during my most stressed out times. I usually use a retin-A and it helps with random dark spots that may appear, but because I am pregnant I have cut out retin-A completely. So instead I opt for frank coffee scrub. I use my clarisonic on days that I do not use the coffee scrub, but I have got to say it is a close call with who does a better job. 

Frank for stretch marks: I am pregnant and stretch marks are also a concern. I do not have any, I mean I have the few on my hips from when I was likely going through puberty in middle school and high school, but for the most part I just want to use something for prevention. So at night I use the frank bod scrub on my hips, belly and boobs. I do not want stretch marks, but I know some things are out of my control. I use Bio Oil, Palmer's cocoa butter, and a homemade organic body butter that I make and sell in my mom's store, oh and some vitamin E every now and then. But an important part in not getting stretch marks is sluffing off any dead skin and always regenerating new fresh skin cells and frank helps to do that!

Frank for face: Frank leaves my face really hydrated after using it so I do not use a moisturizer. First I clean off all my make up with either dove soap, coconut oil, or dial soap....then I scrub a little bit of frank on my face to sluff off the dead skin. I let the scrub sit on my face while I finish washing my hair, this helps to get the oil from the scrub absorbed into my skin....then I get out of the shower and dab my face off so I don't strip it of the oil and that is it. No moisturizer needed. I have extremely sensitive skin and frank has never, ever, ever broken me out, despite all of the oil in it! So for anyone with sensitive my opinion you will be fine!!!

Frank for legs: Another thing frank really helps with is getting a closer shave on your legs. I know it sounds weird but it seriously works. Have you ever shaved your legs and then like the morning after you wake up and you have razor sharp prickles...yeah don't lie. It always helps to exfoliate before you shave your legs because you get rid of the dead skin on top and then you get closer to the hair follicle. So I always like to scrub all over my legs and then use a shaving cream on top. The oil helps to prevent razor burn and I use the shaving cream for preventing razor burn and because I honestly forget what part of my leg I have shaved if I do not see that strip of shaving cream removed. Try before shaving it works wonders I can assure you!

My primary uses for frank:
Stretch Marks

I know that frank advertises the scrub for cellulite and I have seen some crazy before and after pictures, but cellulite isn't my main concern so I mostly use it for the reasons above. Zack uses it because it smells amazing and it is hydrating, so there is a guy's perspective for you ladies! He loves it just as much as I do haha.

I absolutely LOVE this new scent and I am so happy I branched out and got the new one instead of sticking to the original. The original is a goodie and definitely worth getting, but oh my gosh the cacao one is my new favorite without a doubt. I still need to get my hands on the coconut and grapeseed one and believe me I will! 

Definitely go buy this! You will not regret it!

Frank website:
Frank instagram: @frank_bod



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