Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vitamix Green Smoothie Breakfast


Most mornings I do not like to wake up and eat a super heavy breakfast, but I do love having breakfast! Ever since I got my Vitamix back in May I have finally been able to make my own green smoothies!!!

I have Celiac Disease so having to eat gluten free means I can't ever just pick up a bagel to eat at school or run out to any local Jamba Juice and place an order.....BUT I have definitely come up with a healthier solution to those stressful mornings where we are all rushing around and need something quick!

Ingredients I used:

(My ingredients vary depending on what fruits I feel like adding that day)

Vanilla Flavored Greek Yogurt (I also like to use Plain Greek Yogurt)
Organic Mango Chunks 
Frozen Strawberries
Frozen Banana 
Orange Juice

These are not the fruits I use all the time and sometimes when I want to have something along with the smoothie to eat I will swap out the orange juice for water to keep it lighter...

You do not have to have a Vitamix to make this smoothie! I know green smoothies are super popular right now and are worth the hype! They keep you full for so long! I love these, especially before I workout, I can avoid all that food weighing me down sloshing around in my stomach giving me a side ache as I am jumping all around. 

All blended up! 
My husband, Zack, loves them too...get to sneak all his vegetables in there ;)

Drink up!!!

Let me know if you guys have any variations of your green smoothies that you suggest!

Happy Wednesday,