Monday, December 9, 2013

Dinner Time

Blogmas Night 9

Gluten-Free Italian Parmesan Crusted Chicken & Zucchini  

Being gluten free we do not have many "crusted" chicken options and I rarely ever make anything that isn't grilled anyways just because I don't like to make too heavy of meals. However, when we went grocery shopping last week I came across a new product, well new to me anyways.

I chose to use the Italian Bread Crumbs. I bought two different kinds, the Italian shown above and the Original. Both are offered Gluten-Free and also Non-Gluten Free, I will provide the link below. I found them at Ralph's. 

I cracked two eggwhites into a bowl, I really could've done with one really, but I wasn't sure how much I would need. I like to use thin sliced chicken breast because it cooks thoroughly through quickly which is what you need for this kind of meal.

I added olive oil to the pan and let it heat while I added the bread crumbs to a separate bowl. I then dipped the eggwhite soaked chicken in the bread crumb bowl and made sure to turn it over on both sides a few times to cover it completely. I then added the covered chicken breasts to the pan!


While the chicken was cooking I made sure to get some veggies on the stove, I just cut up two zucchinis and put them in some coconut oil. I didn't wanna use anymore olive oil with the meal since the chicken was breaded and cooked in olive oil. As the zucchini was cooking I melted some parmesan on the chicken and turned off the pan to let it melt from the heat of the chicken.

Here is the Ian website:
If Gluten Free isn't your thing and you have no reason to eat Gluten Free (lucky you ;)) then they also offer non gluten free, just some yummy, natural, easy foods and great options to add to your recipes!

How is everyone's Monday Night?