Sunday, December 8, 2013

Work Dinner Party and Wine Tasting

Work Party
Blogmas Day 8!

Last night Zack and I went to his work party at his boss's house in Del Mar. We stopped by Zack's office first so we could do a few last minute  things before we headed over to the party.

We took a few weird pictures in the elevator and I took a few of the office in general...


Me, stealing Zack's oh so official office chair. You can see him in the background ;)
Checking out the cell counter!

Us, just messing around trying to buy time before we head over to the party...turns out our "fashionably late tactic" didn't exactly pan out. We ended up being the first ones there and the hosts hadn't even gotten dressed yet. Yeah.....that's what we get for not checking our email saying if it rains come at 6 instead of 5....and here we thought we were safe arriving at 5:30 ish. We were wrong. HAHA!

And here is a picture of a few accessories I wore with my outfit. Of course, my wedding band and engagement ring. I matched my wedding band with my rose gold fossil watch. I also had on a rose gold necklace with a druzy stone (my favorite). I wore some knee high socks, an oversized sweater by Mink Pink, some leggings and my knee high steve madden black boots!

Oh and yes, I matched my nail polish to my jewelry...

You can't see in this picture, but I had some rose gold MAC pigment on the inner corners of my eyes to tie all the rose gold craziness together. Just wait until my Naked 3 palette comes in the mail, rose gold heaven.

So the party ended up being pretty fun, we had intended on leaving around 7:30, we planned on just mingling and doing the wine tasting, Zack ate dinner and then the awkward sitting and staring at each other know the kind where you really don't want to be the first couple to leave so you just sit there waiting for someone to cave and get up and then make a break for it! Yeah...that took a brave soul about another hour or two after dinner. We stayed til about 10:30 and were the second people to leave. We weren't brave enough to leave first...but others followed ;).

And yes, I was messing around with Apps on my phone for the picture above, I can dream about snow in San Diego can't I?

What did you do on your Saturday night? I hope everyone is ready to start the week again! I know I am NOT ready!