Saturday, April 5, 2014



The reason why we are sharing the news so early is because I don't think our families understood we were waiting to tell people haha.  My mom kept saying to me she couldn't stop, she was out of control and anyone that came into her boutique to shop and had a story...she had to top it with, my daughter's pregnant! We figured by the time 12 weeks rolled around and we were in the safe zone to tell people that everyone would've been like...."ummm, yeah we knew that already..." NO FUN! Going to my OB yesterday he assured me there are very slim chances of anything going wrong after you hear the baby's heartbeat.  The doctor wasn't in the office yesterday, but he had called me and said to go in for an ultrasound, that I was far enough along to hear the heartbeat.  Sure enough we did and the nurse immediately said, "yep! that's a strong heartbeat." I started crying and fell in love immediately. It makes it so much more real after hearing the heartbeat. Before it just felt like there was something inside of me making me hungry and irritable all the time, something that wanted to go to bed for the night at 2PM and something that loved vegetables last week and this week cannot stand the sight of them. A little gremlin! BUT after hearing the heartbeat, it was shocking, it felt like I was actually taking care of something and knowing that the little jelly bean's heart is just beating away in there is so exciting. However, we do know that in life things happen, if anything were to go wrong we have support from those who loves us. We told people early and announced it early, but there are people that miscarry at 13 weeks, a week after announcing their great news, some people miscarry in the third trimester, or some people miscarry right before they are about to announce. Things happen and there is no "right" time for every person to tell. For us, it was announcing it at close to 7 weeks. We are young, healthy, and all we can hope for is a healthy baby. Now our parents can feel free to blab to whoever and we can stop worrying about the "what if's" and actually get excited. Positive thinking!!! 

Oak is gonna have to get used to a new brother or sister here really soon!

Just a little jelly bean!