Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Month Mom!

Last night was my Mom's 50th birthday party. Her birthday is on the 8th, but with graduation coming up and my little brother's birthday on the 15th this worked best. Her boyfriend and her closest friends threw her a birthday party at their house. They had a bartender, a Deejay, and TACO MAN! It was so fun. Of course I was sober Sally, but it was fun watching everyone and hanging out. I got to see my Aunt that I haven't seen in forever and my Uncle as well as my God mom. It was a great night. Zack was pulled onto the dance floor a few times by some sexy ladies;) he is such a trooper haha. It was good hanging out with my sister since we always miss each other when I visit home. She is at Toni and Guy and finishing up this summer and working at Sun Dried Tomato and with me being in school full time we always overlap schedules, so it was nice finally being able to hang out with her. 

So before I get into birthday party stuff I will just a couple salads that I have eaten over the past couple of days. On Friday, Zack was craving el torito grill salad dressing so we went and grabbed that from the store. We roasted up some papitas, added some roma tomatoes and he made homemade corn tortilla strips to add to it.

Then we went up to San Clemente on Saturday and we were there pretty early to lay out in the sun and just relax until it was my mom's party that night. So we went to guicho's eatery in San Clemente and Zack picked up the torellini and I ordered the hearts of palm salad, deliciousness. 

Now moving on to the birthday party festivities. Zack's parents met us there and they hung out for quite a while there talking to everyone. We got there right as sun was setting, we took a few pictures with my mom, my aunt, my god mom, and my sister and we started greeting all the guests. It was a really good turn out and my mom's boyfriend and her friends did and amazing job making her feel special on her day. Everyone was dancing, drinking and talking and it was definitely a nice break from thinking about finals. I just wish we could've stayed up there until this afternoon. We left Oak with my Dad at his house while we were at the party so we got back to my Dad's to grab oak close to 12 AM and then drove home and passed out. WE WERE EXHAUSTED. 

These pictures are not in any particular order, I really wish I would've taken some pictures before the sun went down. The set up was gorgeous.

My mom blowing out her candles from the cake her boyfriend bought her! So cute:)

Nothing like some sexy moves ;)

A picture of Oak and I before we left him to go to the party :(...I hate leaving this little stud muffin, I can only imagine what it's going to be like when I have to leave my little baby every now and then. He doesn't mind to much though. He gets to stare and bark at everyone on the beach laying out on the deck....his favorite.

A picture of my sister and I

More cake pictures, right before we all started singing happy birthday to her :) She was a little surprised since we just interrupted her dancing haha.

More sexy moves...and some yummy dessert

My mom getting everyone to start dancing, she was getting into it. My uncle had a theory from his college days that no one dances outside, so my mom was trying to prove him wrong and she ended up winning and got everyone dancing haha, this was probably the best part of the night. Watching Zack get dragged out there with all the women was a plus. 

Well, now onto "studying" for finals. NO MOTIVATION! But HEY its over in a week and then no more finals ever again.