Wednesday, June 25, 2014

17 Weeks Pregnant Picture

So here is the 17 weeks pregnant update!

How far along: I am 17 weeks 6 days pregnant! 18 weeks tomorrow!

Symptoms: A lot of tailbone pain when I am laying in one spot for too long or sitting for too long, it also happens on long walks. Definitely feeling bloated and light headed still...

Cravings:  I never eat fish tacos, but the past few days fish tacos sounded good...I don't think I have ever ordered fish tacos in my life. Today Zack and I had fish tacos so that was one craving that I have definitely had and then successfully taken care of, no need for any more haha.

Aversions: Really heavy foods like heavy, saucy meals sound kinda gross to me. Fresh foods have been sounding the best.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: Every few days I will need a nap, but for the most part I am not feeling like I need to nap every single day. Definitely feeling more energetic in comparison to first trimester, but still sleepier in comparison to not being pregnant.

Excited for: Now I am just counting down the days until our anatomy scan. I will be well into week 20 as I am with all of my ultrasounds so its nice seeing just a tad more development than if I were to be going exactly at week 20 or exactly at week 16. Having my ultrasounds in the middle of the week is nice because we get that extra bit of development. I am also excited for the 4th of July, even though it is going to be an extremely sober holiday haha! But our family from Utah is flying out and staying for a few weeks so Zack and I are excited to spend time with all of them!

Missing: As always in the summer you want to be looking your best so I am missing a bikini body, but I am also excited knowing that by the end of this year we are gonna have a little nugget to call our own and I can get my body in tip top shape for next summer during the winter time!
Movement: We feel her moving all the time now. It is so crazy and fun to feel her moving around in there. I never feel like I am alone, I got a little gremlin messing around in there. Zack loves to feel her move and she is extremely responsive to when Zack and I have conversations or when he is talking. She is also very active when I am getting ready to eat, I think that when I am excited for food she is getting excited haha.

Dr. update: We go back in a couple weeks! Yay! I love seeing her.

Exercise: Exercising daily. Still feeling slower physically...not from an endurance stand point, but my legs actually feel like they get tired sooner, which is so weird because that used to never happen. But I am sticking with it and enjoying the long walks before my day gets going or towards the end of the day. 

This picture was taken a few hours before the picture above was taken. I woke up early to go on a morning walk with Oak and Zack and this is pre-breakfast. The bump always looks so much smaller before I eat anything and before my day really gets started. It is so funny because by the end of the day I look like I am 7 months pregnant and then I go to sleep, wake up and we start again. It is definitely growing though and I am enjoying feeling her get bigger everyday! I am glad I am able to stay healthy for her and myself. 

This was a day or so before both pictures were taken. Zack and I (+ Oak) outside enjoying juice we had just made in the juicer. Carrots, oranges, lemon, ginger, and a ton or spinach and some granny smith apples. Definitely been avoiding my weakness, which is candy, and going for more juice and smoothies instead.