Thursday, July 3, 2014

What We've Been Up To Lately in Pictures

There hasn't been too much going on over the past week other than a few things here and there. We have mostly just been working and cleaning and more house hopping between families, so here are just a few pictures I have gathered together to share with you guys!

We went on a hike earlier this weekend with Kellie and Ryder up to the water tower near Zack's parents house. It was hot and I think Oak might've been the only one struggling towards the end. It really wasn't a long hike and I didn't burn many calories, but it was fun getting out and walking with the fam bam.

After a long walk with the pup early in the morning Zack and I picked up some Banzai Bowls for breakfast one morning this week, so freaking good. 

They have options of a large and a small and the small was a struggle to finish! So much fruit, but so so good!

Baby and I definitely deserved that Banzai Bowl!

My brother gets his license in August, even though he turned 16 on the 30th, just how the DMV works when signing up I guess. I have never driven with him before and I was terrified as we were leaving the driveway at my mom's house. He was intentionally trying to scare me too haha, but I have to say he is an extremely good driver and very cautious, you're all safe! We went out to lunch just him and I for his birthday before he had a basketball game up in Aliso that I went to with my mom. We met the whole family (minus the youngest brother who was at the beach) at a mexican restaurant in San Clemente to celebrate his 16th. He thought he was just gonna have a low key night with his girlfriend but his friends set up a surprise party that we were all in on at my moms.

Yes, they all chose to dress up as sailors, not a clue why. It was so funny when my brother was out with his girlfriend for ice cream as she was distracting him while we all set up all the boys walked in with decorations and cake and streamers, it was so funny! They all got into the decorations and were carefully placing the was adorable. Jake (my brother) was definitely surprised and had no clue this was coming, so cute!

More morning workouts!!!

My morning workouts are the reason why I can indulge every now and then ;). Zack and I had a mini date night had some dinner and watched the sun set and grabbed some little ice creams. I am more of a sorbet, bubble gum, cotton candy person when it comes to ice cream, but I was really craving the peanut butter chocolate ice cream so I thought I would deviate. 

That's it for now! Just getting ready for the 4th and I will be sure to post pictures on here afterwards!!!

Everyone enjoy their 4th and be safe!