Tuesday, August 12, 2014

24 weeks Pregnant Picture

Okay, so because the baby technically is supposed to be measuring the size of an eggplant from week 22-24, I did not take any formal standing up weekly comparison pictures for week 24. 
 I will however be doing so for week 25 where she will be the size of a papaya! 2 more days! YIKES. That's when most women go through a belly growth spurt. 
I cannot even imagine how big my belly will be come November! I already feel like yep....that's all the room there is...

How far along: I am 24 weeks and 5 days pregnant in the picture above!

Symptoms: Heartburn has subsided; Boobs have been hurting and radiate heat (my own personal heaters); Insomnia; Getting up to pee all night; Peeing all day; Hands swelling more after working out; Back aches when standing for too long!

Cravings: I have only wanted salad for dinner, very specific chicken apple salad with pecans. YUM.

Aversions: I am pretty burnt out on Mexican food, overly greasy things, & anything super heavy!

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: Still haven't been napping during the day. I desperately wanted to yesterday, but instead I got on the eliptical machine and worked out and got a second wind of energy...but then 10PM rolled around and I was getting really cranky and my eyes were burning...I needed sleep! Other than last night sleep has been extremely difficult for me and it does not come easy. I am usually up every hour-on the hour, whether it be to get comfortable and adjust or to get up and pee, I am just not sleeping well at all!

Excited for: I am getting excited for the fall. I am kind of done with summer and I am ready for chunky sweaters and boots. It has been a challenge getting dressed with this bump all summer that I just wind up in workout clothes all day. I am ready for leggings, sweaters, and coziness. I know that when fall comes, baby girl is right around the corner!

Missing: I think at least once a day I miss my old body, which has been consistent throughout this whole pregnancy, but I think it is just because getting dressed is difficult. I still haven't purchased any maternity clothes and I have just been making due with what I have....I miss the clothes hanging in the closet haha. My wardrobe is much more limited now. 

Movement:  I think she is just always doing cart wheels!

Dr. update: We saw him on Monday, he checked my cervix, we did a few tests like heart rate, my weight and all that. He also gave me my glucose test drink that I will have to drink an hour in advanced before my next appointment where they will check for gestational diabetes and all that good stuff. A pretty uneventful doctors appointment this time, but everything looks good and we are just chugging along. 

Exercise: Working out everyday still whether is be walking/running/eliptical machine I am getting in a good workout everyday and staying as active as I possibly can. I am pretty much moving all day whether is be taking Oak on his 3rd walk of the day or house hopping between families we rarely have any sedentary down time. It is definitely getting much more difficult to workout now though. I can feel myself getting heavier and getting winded much quicker with my organs slowly being pushed together. BUT I always feel better after a good workout and I kind of need to do it everyday to stay sane and not let hormones get the best of me.

Stretch marks: Nope!

Swelling: Only after working out will my hands swell up a bit!

Maternity clothes: NOPE! Still holding out for as long as possible, we will see though...she is going through a growth spurt all my shirts are getting shorter!

Labor signs: Nope!

What I am loving:  I am really enjoying this part of the pregnancy. It is noticeable to strangers that I am not fat and I feel somewhat balanced hormone wise....I don't feel crazy or emotional all day (just every now and then) I am not really having cravings or too bad of food aversions like I was in the beginning. Everything just seems mellow with my body. It is still an adjustment everyday, but I cannot wait til we have her in our arms. 

Best moment of this week:  I think I enjoy everyday differently. The days where my family members/siblings feel her kick to the days where it is just Zack and I watching her go on a kicking rampage in there. I think she is just making time go by so slowly because we want her here so badly!!!

xoxo Sydney