Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snippets From the Last Week or So

Here are just a few pictures from the last week and a half or so....just some fitness, food, and random ones.

Fitness: These are just a few of the workout results from the past week or so, it is more for my benefit having them on here so I can look back and see where I was at during a certain time in my pregnancy.

Food and Yummies: Here are a couple random shots of some yummy food we have made, eaten, and bought over the last week or so. In no particular order...

Coffee date with my man!

These kabobs were so good! I am going to be putting the recipe on here soon. They were amazing and super easy to make!

Smoothies for lunch!

I was really craving an iced coffee and so Zack made sure it happened ;)


We weren't to hungry one night so we decided to get Banzai Bowls for dinner. SO good, they are amazing.

Random Ones: A few random pictures from the last week or so...

I have been burnt out on the scent of my homemade cocoa butter stretch mark cream so I made a mango coconut one and it smells amazing. Zack loves the smell too and it has definitely been a nice break from the chocolatey scent I have been using for the past 6 months! It goes on so smoothly and sinks into the skin right away. I love it!

Snuggling up with my giant polar bear cuddle bug.

Date night for Zack and I :) 

So these pictures are kinda for myself to see what I was up to during a certain time in my pregnancy. It will be interesting to look back and see what we did and be able to tell our little girl everything we did while she was cooking in there!

xoxo Sydney