Tuesday, September 23, 2014

30 Weeks Pregnant Picture

30 Weeks Pregnant Update 

How far along: I am 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant in the pictures, she is still the size of a "winter squash" or mini pumpkin? Who knows. These food comparisons confuse me...but she will be the size of a "winter squash" until week 32. She is just getting FAT now. 

Symptoms: Peeing up to 5 times a night some nights; Heartburn after anything spicy, which is upsetting because I like spicy foods (yay for tums); Lightheadedness if I do not eat within a certain time frame of hunger haha; I had a slight break out last week on my face, but that is likely just stress, my skin has actually been pretty good throughout this whole pregnancy; Boobs still leaking which is a good sign, means they are working and getting ready for baby girl; My leg numbness still happens in the morning and at night if I am sitting up in bed; She is crushing my lungs! The perks of having a miniature torso!; Last but not least (from what I can remember of my symptoms) Braxton Hicks!

Cravings: I don't know what is wrong with cravings. Zack certainly has them still..."You know what I am craving...?" I just look at him like, please tell me princess, what is it that you want. It is fun to joke around about though, we always laugh when he says "You know what sounds good?" or "You know what I am craving?"

Aversions: Nothing sounds awful, but nothing sounds great either...

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: I wish.

Excited for: I am excited for her to be here. In the beginning you just can't wait until your next ultrasound, now I am at the point where I am like okay little baby, get on out here and hang out with me! I am also excited for my baby shower coming up soon!

Missing: I am missing sleep, clothes that fit, breathing normally, and working out!

Movement:  She is the craziest baby in the world. She is so hyper, all the time. Especially today! Simmer down little one, get some sleep! 

Dr. update: She is still head down and in the correct position. 

Exercise: Still working out on the eliptical and going on walks! I am slow, but I am still moving. Just sweating a little bit helps me relieve stress so I try to do something active every day, even if I am not going my hardest every day it is still good to get out and get myself and baby moving!

Stretch marks: None on my tummy, none on my butt or thighs, none on my hips but I did get some on my boobs, but I had DD boobs before pregnancy so it was bound to happen when they got even bigger. They are super little and I have just been using my Frank scrub on them and keeping up with all of my oils and lotions!

Swelling: After working out or at the end of the day, but only if I am really looking for it. I think I will experience more in the next coming weeks.

Maternity clothes: Nope! Still no maternity clothes. We will see....still haven't purchased any and I thought I would have had to by now, maybe I will need to next month! We will see!

Labor signs: Nope!

What I am loving:  I am loving how close we are getting and slowly buying things for her like clothes, the crib, and making the baby registries and deciding on our carseat and stroller and all of that. We are getting so close!

Best moment of this week: Zack and I went to the mall and we got her a cute little bodysuit. Zack picked it out at Nordstroms and really wanted to get it for her and I thought that was really sweet. I love how excited he is and how he is always so into this little baby. He is very sure on the stroller we want and the car seat which I think is cute also, cuts my job in half having him look with me! We also went to Victoria's Secret and got me underwear that doesn't dig into my hips (I hate the word panties so we are settling on underwear) and oh my god they are so comfortable haha, really ridiculous I know, but comfort is my best friend these last weeks of pregnancy. 

XOXO Sydney