Sunday, October 19, 2014

34 Weeks Pregnant Picture

34 Weeks Pregnant Update 

How far along: In the pictures I am 34 weeks and 2 days pregnant!

Symptoms: Peeing; No sleep; Braxton Hicks contractions; Heartburn has actually eased up a little bit this week so far; Muscle spasms in my legs; Dizziness every now and then; Forgetting everything; Leaking boobs still; Hard to breathe, especially when getting in bed for the night; Finding a comfortable position to sleep is impossible!

Cravings: I do not know how I forget to put this one every single week, pregnancy makes me stupid and forgetful...but here we go, one craving I have been having for pretty much throughout this whole pregnancy has been COLD WATER BOTTLES. Normally I do not like cold water, I like room temperature water bottles because I can drink them faster and more of them (that's an OCD issue for another time), but I seriously am LOVING cold water. Maybe it is because it is hot out and I am pregnant and warm but whatever it is...its definitely something I crave. Weird. Ohhh, finally got that veggie platter I was craving last week haha other than that and I was really craving pumpkin pie...might've solved that craving with one cravings since those two though!

Aversions: Anything to heavy or greasy or that I know will upset my stomach, no thanks!

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: I feel like I should stop including this one and just accept the fact that sleep is a thing of the past and I think with a newborn baby it will stay in the past for quite some time. At least I am prepping for all these round the clock feedings she will be having with my bathroom breaks at night!

Excited for: The baby shower is coming up and I am getting pretty excited for that!

Missing: Cold weather, bras that don't feel like they're cutting off breathing supply, I want to be wearing cozy sweaters and boots, I am missing wine.....really badly hahaha I definitely miss wine, I miss my workouts other than walking and using the eliptical machine, I miss real clothes, being able to drink a lot of water without being bound to the house for the next hour because I will be peeing every five seconds.

Movement: Yes! And they aren't like cute little kicks anymore. Instead, she stabs me with all of her limbs. I feel like I am going to pop when she does this really big stretches in there. She will spread out and be pushing on both sides of me and all I can think is this baby is going to pop out of my skin. The movements are huge and entertaining, but getting SO MUCH STRONGER. 

Dr. update: I go into the doctor tomorrow! Haven't been there in 2 weeks so I have my 2 weeks check-up again tomorrow!

Exercise: Getting back on a better schedule, still using eliptical and walking. Zack has to walk our dog with me now though because with my lack of balance and being this our polar bear of a dog, I just get nervous I am going to fall or trip.

Stretch marks: None on my body and the little ones on my boobs I got in the first/second trimester are fading so nope, no stretchies!

Swelling: Nope not really other than it being hot out, if I am on my feet all day and if I just worked out, other than that no swelling and my swelling isn't bad even when I do swell.

Maternity clothes: Nope, no maternity clothes!

Labor signs: Nope!

What I am loving: Even though her kicks and jabs are sometimes painful I am getting excited because she is so big, she is so much closer to being here and I am loving knowing I will be holding this little babe soon!

Best moment of this week: Slowly getting more things for her, it is always exciting getting clothes and picturing her little body in them. I can't wait until she is here! GETTING SO CLOSE! 

XOXO Sydney