Monday, October 13, 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant Picture

33 Weeks Pregnant Update

How far along: 33 weeks and 2 days pregnant in the pictures!

Symptoms: Peeing; No sleep; Braxton Hicks contractions; Heartburn (mostly before bed, which is twisted considering I can barely sleep as it is); Muscle spasms in my legs; Dizziness every now and then; Still forget everything

Cravings: None really, except right before bed the other night Zack and I were falling asleep and I told him I really wanted a veggie platter. Super weird. I did not get one hahah, but it was something I had big plans for and then I woke up and I wasn't really craving it anymore.

Aversions: Anything too greasy, burgers have kinda sounded gross this whole pregnancy.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: None, I have been way more tired during the day though, that started around week 30... I still do not take naps during the day or I will once in a while, but it is not a daily routine. We are going and going all day I don't really have time to take a nap.

Excited for: Having this baby! And the baby shower that is coming up. There is still a lot to be done for it so little stuff here and there is getting done, but I am so excited!

Missing: Cold weather, my entire closet of clothes I can't wear, bras that aren't sports bras do not go with everything, but that is all that is comfortable right now so that usually results in a sweat pants kind of day...

Movement: I have a feeling she is going to be super aggressive and rowdy. She likes to sneak attack me. She will be completely stealth mode in my tummy and then BAM she starts practicing karate. She is moving all of the time and when she isn't moving...she is just hiding out and gearing up for the surprise attack that can last a lifetime. But I love every minute of it and it is really entertaining and makes Zack and I laugh. I know that she will be doing the same when she is out here hanging out with us :)

Dr. update: When I went to the doctor last Monday she was looking great! She weighed 4.4lbs. I don't know how she went from being "underweight" to a complete chunker, but she did. She is supposed to gain around a half a pound a week at this point so that is crazy. She went from the size of a little grain of rice to really is crazy to think about and look back at all of her ultrasound pictures and compare them. Now back to the doctor update. She has lip injections, I am sure of it the ultrasound tech was even laughing saying "look at her mouth and lips they are huge!" From the ultrasound she has the same shaped mouth as me so it will be interesting to see if she has my mouth when she is out! I just wanna see her so badly! 

Exercise: Have not been doing much eliptical and haven't been doing as long of walks just because Braxton Hicks has been uncomfortable and they happen every time I workout and we have been super busy these past few weeks. Poor puppy got neutered about 3 weeks ago and he has been recovering so I can't take him on very long walks, but he is better now so his workouts and my workouts will be picking up again!

Stretch marks: Same as last week (none) except for the little ones on my boobs, but those were kind of expected and most of them are already fading since I got them pretty early on in the pregnancy during their initial growth spurt haha.

Swelling: Not unless I have been on my feet all day and even at that point you can still see veins and tendons so nothing dramatic or really noticeable. I think I might be the only one that can notice it really. If I am not on my feet all day or not working out then I don't really have any swelling in my hands or feet as of yet. I know that in the last few weeks it happens so I am not thinking I am in the safe zone yet!

Maternity clothes: Still haven't bought/worn any maternity clothes this pregnancy and at this point I do not think I will be purchasing any unless it starts getting really cold out of nowhere and I need some maternity for now still trying to make due with what I have.

Labor signs: Nope!
What I am loving: Getting so close to the end. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I am happy we are getting so close. I am also loving all of her kicks and movements and reminders that she will be here soon! YAY!

Best moment of this week: When I am feeling really down about myself or when I think I look ugly and have those typical "I'm ugly and pregnant" thoughts Zack always makes me feel better. He has been so sweet this whole pregnancy and really encouraging when I start feeling low about all of the changes that keep happening with my body. He is always there to tell me differently and that really helped when I was trying to find a dress for the baby shower this week. I was really upset, felt huge and ugly and he was there to pick me back up again and it was really nice having him be so involved in this pregnancy and so supportive this whole time. 

XOXO Sydney