Wednesday, October 29, 2014

35 Weeks Pregnant Picture

35 Weeks Pregnant Update 

How far along: In the picture above I am 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant and in the below picture I am 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant. 

Symptoms: Peeing; A LOT OF BRAXTON HICKS; Back pain; Sharp pains in pelvic area; Tender abdomen; I can't breathe when I lay a certain way; Sleepless nights; Insomnia; Exhaustion; Boobs leaking/sore; Shortness of breath walking up stairs or for long periods of time; Thirsty; and a million other things I can't remember at the moment...oh uhm forgetfulness....

Cravings: NO cravings at all...

Aversions: NO aversions, but no preference for food either!

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: I actually didn't get too bad of a nights sleep last night, but every other night has been kind of rough where I am trying to get comfortable and getting up to pee every five seconds! 

Excited for: Meeting her/labor. I know that sounds weird and I am sure I will take it back once I am actually in labor, but I am just excited for her to be here and I know that labor is the only way to get her here so that's probably why! 

Missing: Cold weather still, although it is getting cold in the mornings and at night so we are getting there! Can't wait for winter! I am missing sleeping without a big belly in the way, but I know I am going to miss it!

Movement: Yes! She is super strong still and moving around all the time!

Dr. update: Okay, so when I went into the doctors on Monday we did the 36 week ultrasound (even though I was only 35 weeks and 4 days we were close enough) and they were concerned my placenta was not working. The ultrasound technician checked and saw that the placenta was working fine and she was still positioned head down and good to go, she was just really really small...Zack and I are not big people and we are pretty short so she said that was likely why she was so small. When I spoke to my doctor he was concerned that my weight had not changed from 2 weeks prior and that our baby girl's weight was no longer progressing the way it should be. I have gained almost 25 pounds so far which is within the average range for pregnant weight can range from 25 to almost 40 for my starting weight prior to pregnancy. A little over 2 weeks ago our girl's weight was measuring in the 47th percentile and when I went on Monday she was measuring in the 15th percentile. My doctor was concerned that she was still under 5 pounds when she should be closer to 5.5 pounds and should be gaining a half a pound a week and she has not been consistent with her weight gain. So I have been put on bed rest because he is concerned all the energy I am using during the day is going to powering myself and my muscles and not to growing her and helping her gain weight. He told me I needed to up my calories and rest more. It has been really hard because we are moving next week and we just had our baby shower and we just have so much to do. It is also hard to eat more when your stomach is being smushed by a baby. Not much room in there! So for now Zack has just been making me protein smoothies and making sure I am eating around the clock and not doing too much moving around. I am now seeing my doctor 2x a week because he wants to check her heart rate and my contractions twice a week to make sure everything is going okay & that she is healthy. 

Exercise: Not since being put on bed rest. I am still up and around the house doing things, but I am not running errands with Zack and I am having to sit down and be lazy longer than I would like to!

Stretch marks: Nope

Swelling: Nope! Nothing that is noticeable, obviously I am swollen because at almost 9 months pregnant you are retaining water, but nothing dramatic and too noticeable!

Maternity clothes: Nope, still no maternity clothes!

Labor signs: I have been having Braxton Hicks consistently this week, way more than usual. I was also having radiating back pain and sharp pelvic pains last night that felt like really really low Braxton hicks contractions. I had a tiny glass a wine to relax the muscles and to make sure my body wasn't tensing up. I keep getting them today too so I am trying to take it easy!

What I am loving: Having all of her goodies from the baby shower. We were both so spoiled on Sunday by everyone invited. This little girl is going to have tons of people who love her and we are so grateful for that!

Best moment of this week: My mom and her friend threw me my baby shower for her and it was absolutely gorgeous and princessy and just so adorable. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful event to celebrate this little one that is on her way! We cannot wait to use all of her goodies!

XOXO Sydney