Monday, November 3, 2014

36 Weeks Pregnant Picture

36 Weeks Pregnant Update

How far along: I am 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant in the pictures!

Symptoms: Heartburn; Peeing; A lot of pressure down low!!! I mean A LOT, to the point where she pushes so hard down there that I have to stop walking; I have a lot of energy to begin nesting and I have had this weird compelling energy to organize and nest for about 2 weeks now; Boobs hurt on and off; Boobs leaking; Possibly losing mucous plug slowly since last week or so I believe; I feel like she has dropped quite a bit, because I am peeing constantly again; Sleeping a little bit better at night but still getting up pretty early in the morning with insomnia! BRAXTON HICKS; PAIN IN BACK AND LEGS!

Cravings: Nope

Aversions: No not really!

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: I have been sleeping a little better, so it seems. It could be that she has possibly dropped lower and that gives me a bit more breathing room!

Excited for: Meeting her! & we move into our new place tomorrow! YAY!

Missing: Cold weather. We had a few teaser days this weekend where it was "freezing" and I just loved being bundled up and cozy! I am missing wearing all of my clothes that fit. I feel like I am confined to one wardrobe and I really do not have any intention of buying any maternity clothes this late in the game so it would be nice to get back into some of my old clothes!

Movement: Oh yeah, she is definitely practicing torpedo-ing outta there too. Random sharp jolts of her head stabbing my cervix has been quite pleasant this week...

Dr. update: Continuing to do non-stress tests and everything is going fine. She is healthy and I am healthy. Placenta is normal for this stage of pregnancy and everything is working well. I am just sticking to "laying low" instead of working out like my doctor asked. He is not worried about her size so much that he just wants to be cautious and make sure she is as fat as she can be before she is born! Babies lose some weight after being born so he wants to make sure there is some room for her to do so!

Exercise: Nope. Other than running errands I have been asked to stop exercising so she can gain weight.

Stretch marks: Nope

Swelling: Nope nothing noticeable in hands or feet, I am sure there is some swelling, but nothing to complain about!

Maternity clothes: Nope and I am thinking I am gonna be opting out of them, I do not see myself getting any seeing that she can be born at anytime now.

Labor signs: Tons of Braxton Hicks, I was actually having them fairly close together and so I had a glass of wine and took an epsom salt bath to try and relax so that I wouldn't trigger any more contractions. They were extremely strong and painful and some of them made me want to cry! I think that there is a chance maybe my body is just practicing for the real deal right now with all of this early labor shenanigans! 

What I am loving: I am loving getting ready to get into our new place. We will be able to organize all of her stuff from the shower, get her crib set up and I can actually get a good nights sleep and I am just excited for all of this change! It is happening so quickly. Hopefully it makes time fly so I feel like she will be here sooner!

Best moment of this week: Definitely getting stuff for our new place, it has been a long haul and a summer of house hopping between parents houses and it will be nice to start nesting and getting prepared. I am slowly feeling more and more prepared. Zack, my mom and I just went to a hospital tour tonight and bailed early after we filled out the paper work for the hospital so I won't have to do it when I am in labor. Just getting little things like that accomplished make my week and make me feel like we are one step closer to being prepared to welcome home our sweet girl!

XOXO Sydney