Monday, December 29, 2014

Elba's 1 Month Update

1 Month Old

Elba turned one month old on Christmas day. They are right when they say it goes by quickly. This past month has been both the longest and quickest month of my life. Sleep deprivation made the days drag on yet every time I put her in her car seat she fits just a little bit better. The breast infection makes it feel like each day has no end yet I put her in her jammies and I have to shove her little fat thigh in the leg hole. I love watching her grow, but at the same time this miniature human that I grew for 9 months is now getting bigger and more aware. She has become so fun these last two weeks that it makes me sad to see her newborn clothes get more and more snug. I am starting to cherish the newborn cries and the 1AM wake-up calls where it is just the both of us. It is crazy to think that she is my first born and these moments are already going by in the blink of an eye. That being said, she is aware of my presence more than ever. When I speak she looks around for me. When I look at her she looks back at me. She has come to know me as her momma this past month and it is the most rewarding feeling in the world. I love every bit of my baby girl and I can't believe we are already 1 month down. 

Here are some quirks Elba has developed over the past month:

When I kiss her mouth really quickly she opens it really wide with a shocked face

When she needs to poop she makes the cutest little kissy face

Her stretches crack me up

She makes goat sounds in her sleep

She often makes sounds like the minions in 'Despicable Me'

She smiles at Zack and I

She must have the best dreams ever because she is always smiling in her sleep

She hates when I sit down with her, she wants me to be moving 24/7

Even though she hates when I sit, she loves to sleep on my chest

She loves sleeping on Zack's chest

She REFUSES to poop when she is swaddled...but the second I unswaddle her she gets really unclassy with her poops  

She loves her Wubbanub pacifiers and holds on to them tightly and can put them back in her mouth

She loves to projectile spit-up down my cleavage so I have a nice vomit smell to my chest all day

Some nights she wakes every 2 hours and other nights she will sleep between 4-6 hours 

She gets really aggressive when I breast feed her

She had her first bottle at 3 weeks 

She LOVES bath time

She sucks her thumb and index finger when she is in the bath, I think she feels like she is back in the womb

She loves loud noises when she sleeps and cannot sleep in silence 

She is most relaxed when we are having a busy day hopping in and out of the car 

She falls asleep when I am walking around with her in my arms doing things, she knows the difference between swaying back and forth and actually applying myself to my household duties...she likes to see me struggle with household chores and putting her to sleep at the same time

She is extremely strong 

She is either smiling during diaper changes or trying to kick the crap out of me

She is still in newborn diapers and newborn clothes

She hates the cold 

She is happiest when being in physical contact with someone else (she likes when my hand is on her face holding her pacifier in her mouth)

She loves sleeping with a "rain sound" app I have on my phone

She melts our hearts

XOXO Sydney