Saturday, March 21, 2015

Elba's 4 Month Update

4 Months Old

I think that this month we have seen the most changes with Elba. I am sure we will be thinking that every month, but for now, we feel this month she has really grown in many ways. Her personality is developing more and more every day and she is becoming her own little person and it is the best thing in the world to watch. 

Momma's Favorite Things

I love that she likes to be held facing me now

I love that she has started playing with my clothes when I hold her

She has started to play with my hair...or tug on it, either one works for her

I love that she likes to copy Zack and I

She loves being outside or just out and about, makes things easier for me!

I love her squeaks she makes and then continues to make them one after another

I love how she gets all shy and flirty when she sees herself in the mirror

I love that bath time can immediately end any screaming session at night

I love that when she is tired she buries herself in mine and Zack's chest

I am appreciating that my baby still prefers to sleep on my chest for nap time rather than any other place in the world

Zack calls her a zombie because she attacks our arms, our chest, our hands, anything just to get some relief for teething and she makes a growling attack noise while doing so

I love every little piece of her

Elba's Quirks



Little giggles every now and then

Shy and smiley at the same time

Loves outside

Really would rather sleep, eat, bathe, and live outside

Gets pissy when I give her a bottle every now and then

Most demanding baby in the world

In 12 month old shirts. oh. my. god.


Rolls on top of rolls

Makes the funniest high pitched squeak


Gets super excited when she hears Zacks voice

Starting to be selective with who holds her

Teething like a monster

In her crib

Loves to nuzzle! so snuggly

Loves watching videos of herself (makes her smile all the time)!!!

Love/hate relationship with the swaddle

Loves the teething necklace Gammy bought her

Loves to chew on my clothes, her bibs, her burp rags, anything cloth

Starting to get ticklish

Her eyes are still a steel gray color

Losing some hair in place of her little buzz cut growing in, oh those little baby hairs

Loves bath time still

Started playing with her toys a lot more!

Loves faces

Started being able to pull her fat little legs through the ergo while facing me (she had been starting to get cramped all tucked in there)

Feeding on left boob scratches my side with her hand

Feeding on right boob strokes her cheek repeatedly with the back of her hand, it calms her down, so into touch...might be because I did it to her when she was feeding as a newborn

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Clothes, Etc.): Mostly 6 month clothing as of right now. She is wearing 3-6 mo., 6-9 mo., or just 6 mo. in onesies depending on the brand. In jammies she is in the 3-6 month ones and a few 6 month items. In leggings she is wearing 3 mo. and 6 mo. depending on brands and so on. Her t-shirts are 3-6 month and also started incorporating 12 mo. tees mostly because they run fairly small in certain brands and I was getting sick of those dang buttons on the it's starting to get warmer and with all her layers it couldn't be comfy!

Eyes: Her eyes are still this steel gray color. They are deep blue with some gold browns which and they look super gray...probably still trying to figure out what color they wanna be!

Hair: Still pretty dark brown, definitely lightened since she was born. Still very long in certain spot, like the top of her head and the back of her head. She has been getting her new hair for a few months now so it's a combination of new buzz cut baby hairs and her longer older hair from when she was a newborn. She is definitely losing some and little baby ones are popping up in place of them!

Sleeping: Just this past weekend we moved her from her rock n' play sleeper to her crib. I had placed her in her crib for multiple naps during the past few weeks to kinda transition her but never at night until about a week ago. The transition went okay in the beginning, she was favoring 4 AM more than her typical 5:30AM wake up call...but she has also been going to bed around 9-9:30 PM rather than she was gaining sleep, but I still have to pump, shower, do dishes, sometimes work out and clean up before I can go to bed so my bed time was later and so I have been getting 3-4 hours instead of 5-6.... This week was rough. Her teething mellowed out for like 2 weeks prior, but this week it came back in full force. Those dang teeth. Her teething has been making her wake up A LOT during the night this week, not what she is used to and not what I am used to. She is NOT hungry at all during this time, she just wants to be unswaddled so she can gnaw on her hand, poor girl. I am working on getting her comfortable with her crib transition (she is used to being slightly slanted and her crib is flat). She does not cry at all when she wakes up in the middle of the night she is just uncomfortable because of teething. I am teaching her that when she wakes up she will just be re-swaddled, walked around the room, and soothed. I am not leaving the room, not feeding her, not stimulating her in any way and she falls right back to sleep. I am just gonna try and ride out this time, making adjustments here and there and see if we can't get her back on her sleeping through the night schedule. I know she wants to be sleeping because she is so sleepy when she wakes up and not crying, just not comfy.

Eating: Still exclusively breastfeeding. Haven't tried solids yet!


- Sometimes during tummy time she just wants to extend her arms fully and other times we can't get her to stay still, she just wants to keep rolling over on her back. She loves when we get excited about it too because she will smile and keep doing it until she wears out her little muscles and gets frustrated haha!

- Mimicking has definitely been more obvious recently, just the other night Zack was making spitting sounds and spitting out his tongue to make noises and she kept copying him and doing the same thing right back...hers of course involved way more spit bubbles and smiles, but you could tell she was so proud of herself and just wanted to keep copying him! She also loves when I mimic her high pitched squeak, she continues to do it right after me and smiles!

- Grabbing items, out of nowhere she decided she was coordinated...She started shoving everything she can in her mouth, all toys, all cloth, anything. It takes her a few tries sometimes, but she is good at grabbing her toys now!! Woohoo! This helped me a lot because she was getting frustrated when teething now she can kinda alleviate it on her own!

Mommy and Daddy love you baby girl!

Her cute little shirts were sent to me from Shabby Little Shop, you can check out her shop here!
I will be doing a post soon about a few of Elba's and my favorite small shops! 

XO Sydney