Monday, March 30, 2015

Shop Favorites: Fawn and Finn

Fawn and Finn

One of my favorite things to do with this blog is share those "small shops" with you other mommas out there. I love sharing these small shops because the large majority of them are created by other moms out there who are making an effort to create something for themselves while caring for their little ones.

I was sent 2 bows and an organic teething ring to share with you guys a little while back. I had been busy with blog posts and this one not feeling photogenic with teething and blog posts were getting pushed back a bit, but we are back at it!

I chose two gray-ish toned bows to share with you all. I just feel like these were the most versatile with her outfits!

You can check out the etsy shop here

It had taken me a while to share how much we love her shop because I was waiting for Elba to get used to using the teething ring. Once she learned how to grab things she shoved this thing in her mouth immediately...babies and chewing on things. Thank goodness she has learned how to soothe herself with all those aches and pains it must've been frustrating. 

I definitely recommend picking one of these teething rings up! You won't regret it!

Nothing more fun than an angry teething face ;)

Again, definitely go check them out. These bows have the little alligator clip and can be worn by mommas too!!!

These teethers are a must for grabbing and heading out the door. Nothing quite as painful as listening to a teething baby in the back seat while you drive around doing errands!

Check out her shop here
Fawn and Finn instagram here

XO Sydney

**I was sent all products free of charge, thank you for supporting the businesses that support our little fam**