Monday, April 6, 2015

Get Ready Quickly: With a Baby!

Okay, you do not have to have a baby in order to get ready quickly...however, these days, that's the only thing driving my quick beauty routine. Whether you have a baby or not you can do these things as well.

This morning was a good morning I was able to wake up at 4am, fall back asleep with Elba for about an hour or so, get up, nurse her, burp her, put her back to sleep, pump, eat breakfast for myself, get a load of laundry going, work-out, shower, get my make-up on and take the dog for a walk with Elba. I feel like a super hero on these mornings. Other mornings don't go according to plan most days and I am lucky if I get out of my pajamas by 11.

I used to love spending a lot of time on my make-up. I find it so relaxing and I love playing around with my make-up. It is probably the one thing I splurge on. Nowadays, spending an hour on my make-up is not realistic. I don't have much time to mess around and create new looks as often as I would like to, so for now, it is a speedy beauty routine!

First off, this isn't really a tutorial, I am just sharing with you guys what I do in order to get my make-up and hair done quickly for the day and still look put together. If you would like to see any tutorials feel free to leave a comment below or let me know through email or instagram on what tutorial you would like to see.

To Start:

You will need....

a foundation you love, I use hourglass immaculate liquid powder foundation often.

a pigmented concealer, if you're like me and have olive-y skin tones you likely have dark circles, I use 
mac pro longwear concealer.

a blush with some shimmer in it, I like to skip my 'highlighting' step on days that I am rushed so I like using a blush like NARS deep-throat or if you are looking for a cheaper option I also use 
NYX summer peach and it's pretty dang close!

a bronzer you can dust all over your face, I use NARS Laguna.

a couple of shadows, 1 slightly darker than your skin-tone or a warmer tone than your skin and a black or a brown. 

a mascara that you love!

Last but not least, a lip tint or lipstick you like!

I didn't say this was how to look like you aren't wearing make-up and I didn't say this takes 2 seconds, but it doesn't take 30 minutes either. I like getting ready for the day, this is just a quicker version that still allows you to look put together. 

I start by applying my concealer under my eyes, I add a small dot to my chin, forehead and corners of my nose. I blend that out really well and then grab ONE pump of my foundation and put a few dots all over my face and blend down my neck and all over. Once that is done, I add a translucent powder to set my concealer.

I take my skin-tone shadow and blend in my crease pretty quickly. Then instead of liner I use the darker eye shadow both on the upper outer-v of my eye and blend it underneath as if it were liner. On my quick days, I opt out of eye-liner all together. Forget about doing a cat-eye if you want to get ready quickly. One wrong move and you are back in the bathroom scrubbing that liner off...

I usually only do one coat of mascara on days like this so grab whatever mascara you like and brush through your lashes pretty quickly.

I dust a bronzer all over my face to warm it up a bit and then add a bit of blush on the outer part of my cheeks.

Dab a tiny bit of lip-tint or chapstick and you are good to go.

I fill in my brows slightly, but they are pretty thick as it is so I don't have to do much. You don't have to do that step if that's not your deal. 

If you have everything out in front of you this should be pretty quick!

Most days I stop here. I leave my hair in a messy bun and leave my workout clothes on for the rest of the day because I end up going on about 2 more walks and a hike throughout the day, so being in jeans and heels isn't really ideal.

When I do end up running errands or going out for the day I do like to try and do something with my hair. Now, let me say. It is easy to do a messy bun when your hair is in fact-messy. Trying to do a messy bun with freshly washed hair isn't gonna give you the look you want. I use a dry shampoo because I only wash my hair about 2-3x a week. It is healthy to allow your hair some time away from stripping it with shampoo or adding heat to it all of the time. You can leave your hair in a messy bun like I did above....or you can put it in a loose and easy braid.

If you wanna do the braid just keep on reading!

I like doing fish-tail braids because they stay in better than loose normal braids.

I start in the middle of my head and kinda bring my hair over to one side. Not a full on side braid like you are missing the other pig-tail, just slightly dragged to the side and I start braid my hair in a tight fish tail braid. Then start pulling on the pieces to loosen
 them a bit.

I also loosen the hair around my head so everything looks more relaxed.

There ya have it. The braid took me about 3-4 minutes, super quick!

If you want any tutorials or step by step looks let me know in the comments below, through email, or on my instagram!

XO Sydney