Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shop Favorites: Baby Bling Bows

Shop Favorites: Baby Bling Bows

I get asked quite often about the bows Elba wears and more often than not she is wearing Baby Bling Bows. They are such comfy little nylon bows for little girls! My mom and I were shopping at Nordstrom a few months back and she picked up some sweet little bows for Elba. We snagged one in olive green, ivory and grey. I also became addicted and ran back to Nordstrom and picked up an aqua blue one. I will share all colors below! These headbands are nylon material so they form to the shape of babes head and are so lightweight! She never refuses to wear them.

Baby Bling Bows was kind enough to send me several headbands in a bunch of different colors and I am obsessed with them all. I love all the vibrant, jewel tone colors as well as some of the muted color headbands! First let me give you a little insight to who is behind Baby Bling Bows: A number of local women make each one! Every bow is handmade and unique. The company was founded by a mom and a daughter and since then it just kinda took off! I love small shop success stories and I love sharing shops like this with my mommy readers. So read more about them on their website here!

Looking at their website you can see they have a huge variety of styles, my favorites are the 'knot', 'twist' and 'sailor knot'  

I received the headbands below, in order from left to right I will list the colors and include their links!

1. knot cherry: here
2. knot grape: here
3. knot pink and white dot: here
4. knot denim: here
5. twist emerald/emerald: here
6. twist blush/taupe: here

You can also see tons of pics of her in these baby bling bows on my instagram and in most of her monthly updates ;) we are big fans as you can tell!

Here you can find Baby Bling Bows (as well as Nordstrom)
Here is Baby Bling Bows Instagram

Make sure to check them out! They really are so sweet and they have the cutest little headbands. So comfy and lightweight for little babes. They stretch and grow with your baby's growing head too! So no sizes which makes ordering online super easy!

If you guys have any questions or anything feel free to leave comments below!

XO Sydney