Friday, August 7, 2015

Elba's 8 Month Update

8 Months Old

This is such a fun age, I feel like she looks at me differently. I woke up one day and she was acting older. I told Zack at the end of the day this past month, that I felt like she understood way more and I felt like it happened over night. He said he totally felt the same way. It was weird having her feel so baby like and then all of a sudden she started acting like a kid in some aspects. It was a very weird feeling and I don't think I can describe it very well. Just one day she woke up and looked at me and the world differently and it was so bittersweet. I love how she examines everything that is tiny with her little pointer finger. She is so much more aware of what is in front of her. She is opinionated and strong willed. She is strong and knows what she wants. She has her own little personality forming and it is the most amazing feeling and thing to watch. There is so much more I can add to every category on here, quirks here and there that seem huge that really aren' her baby sneezes and the way she rubs her eyes when she is tired. I could write about her for hours on end...but then these posts would get side tracked and very long and I think a good portion of you would check out a few minutes into the post haha. So for now, these are little things here and there that I would love to remember this month that make me happy...I am warning you ahead of time, this is a very picture heavy post! It has just been a very fun summer and we are documenting it all!

Momma's Favorite Things

When she wakes up in the morning she waves and say hi

I love how friendly she is when we are out and about during the day

She is so easy when we are out of the house

I love her two little bottom teeth she got towards the end of 7 months

Her new teeth allow her to make this funny hissing lisp sound

She opens and closes her mouth really quietly to make little popping sounds

When she is tired she is super cuddly

She loves being close to me, sometimes I just need to fold laundry and it is like...chill out on your own for a few minutes girly! But then I know I am going to miss it so much so we soak up those cuddles

Sometimes she will just look at me when we are both being super quiet and she starts giggling and then she thinks it's a game to be quiet and then giggle

When she just looks at me and smiles

She has a newer smile now that she has teeth, slightly more evil looking haha

She loves to FaceTime daddy throughout the day

Definitely a mama's girl

Elba's Quirks

Clapping and saying "yay" when she falls

Waving 'hello' to everyone (even mannequins and figurines)

Says "hi"

Waves 'goodbye' as well

When she gets angry and throws a tantrum she flaps both of her arms really hard and throws her whole body backwards (I think we have a toddler already...)

Started reaching for Daddy more, so cute that she finds a different kind of comfort from him, all I've got going for me is I've got the boobs!

Loves going in the pool

Loves going to the beach to lay in the super hot sand and playing in the waves

Loves going to Legoland

She is loving other kids and cracks up when she watches them play

Makes funny gasping noises

She can drink through a straw

Is not a fan of bottles whatsoever

Not a fan of other people holding her that often

She loves being on the move and hates being cooped up in the house

She loves dogs

She also loves her talking toys, but prefers to play with anything that is not a toy

She tries to do pull-ups on the laundry hamper

Size (Diapers, Onesies, Etc.): Diapers size 3; Onesies 6-9 months; Shirts 6-12 months; Leggings 6-12 months; She hasn't been wearing jammies since it has been so hot at night lately! Some 18 month clothes here and there, but very few!

Eyes: Still a confused hazel color! We will see...maybe they will stay hazel like mine!

Hair: Thick and little mini curls/waves throughout, I love it!

Sleeping: She definitely doesn't like napping this month, that's for sure! But I am sure it is because of her teeth!

Eating: Anything I am eating, she wants! Anything daddy is eating, she wants! She is okay with purees, but she is really into eating regular food in miniature bite-sized pieces because she thinks she is choking and dying on the littlest piece of food when of course, she isn't...lil' drama queen already. Still exclusively breast feeding, which has been a learning curve for us both with her new teeth, but she has gotten better and it doesn't hurt anymore. For a while she was using my boobs to teethe on, ouch.

  • Crawling everywhere! She is super fast and now gets into everything because of it!
  • Stands up on her own holding on to something and every so often for a few seconds without holding anything.
  • Copying/mimicking very well!
  • Showing lots of affection 
  • She can say "mama", "dada", "Elba", "Hi" and "yay"....she only says mama when she is crying and says dada under her breath all day until he comes home from work, she says Elba by saying "ba-ba" and her "hi" is her shouting "ayyyyyyyyy" and waving!
  • Walking around all over the place when holding her hands
  • Trying to climb on everything
  • Waving and saying Hi to everyone! It is the cutest thing ever.
  • She waves bye as well
  • She claps & says 'yay' when she falls (no milking your bumps and bruises over here haha)

We love you to death sweet girl!

XO Sydney