Monday, January 11, 2016


Expecting Baby #2

I can't believe we are already expecting our second baby! Our sweet girl was born November 27, 2014. Now we are expecting another little one this summer (2016). We are really excited!!! We wanted our babies close in age. My sister and I are only 19 months apart and I really loved having a built in best friend growing up & even still today. Baby #2 and Elba will be 21 months apart, so pretty close!
I cannot wait to see if we will be having another little girl or diving in to a whole new world with a boy! Either way we are completely thrilled and we couldn't be happier. I hope you all are excited to follow along this go around as I really hope to keep everyone in the loop with updates as I did with Elba. The weekly updates are not as realistic as they were without a baby the first time, so I will probably be doing updates here and there and keeping everyone informed with what is going on this pregnancy!
If you have a preference for anything in specific let me know! I always welcome your suggestions and wanna write about what you want to hear as well as what I feel like sharing!

XO Sydney

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