Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Elba's 1st Birthday + Some Party Pics

I cannot believe my baby girl turned 1 on the 27th of November this year. Makes me wanna cry! The first few months I can distinctly remember. It was so new for the two of us. Her and I were learning how to get into a groove. I look back at pictures of her from when I gave birth and I feel like I am looking at a completely different baby now. She has such a personality and pieces of her that make her who she is that I hadn't known about the day she was born. The first few months were definitely for learning. Then the months started going by quicker, she began laughing, clapping, pointing, crawling, saying her first words. She started getting a sarcastic little attitude, began playing peek-a-boo, started cuddling and then we were here...we already made it 1 year. It is so sad and exciting all at once. Our baby is going to soon become a toddler and then a big kid. I don't know what kind of train wreck I will be on her first day of school. I love this age, she is challenging because she is so smart. She knows how to get what she wants! Every age has its perks and changes, but I definitely love having a built in best friend with this age.

So now that the mushy mom stuff is out of the way,

I can't believe how few detailed pictures I took...must've meant Zack & I were having fun! Seriously, I normally have more time to take pictures throughout the party. But once people got there we all just started talking and watching the babies play so I will include some picture that I took, not all, but definitely a good amount!

Also...I want these pictures up NOW so I have no time to edit them!
I may add more throughout the month too! I can also list the details of everything from decorations to food, clothes, all of that! If requested... :)

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