Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Decorating for Halloween

I am fully aware it is over a month until Halloween, but I couldn't help myself. Last year I decorated for Christmas not even the day after Thanksgiving...

If every store is just going to tease me and put Halloween decorations out I have no choice, I have to put mine up!

So I have already decorated with the decorations from last year (minus a bag of spider webs) and I plan on making a few trips to pick up just a few little extras; too many decorations never hurt anyone!

I will be posting the pictures of what I have already set out around the house in a few hours :)

Until then, check out my instagram for a sneak peak at the decorations I have already posted two pictures so far!

Instagram: SydneySedillo

For the time being until I post the rest of my pictures, here is my instagram picture from Sunday  (posted also in my recent Sunday blog post) to get everyone in the mood for decorating...
Nothing like some fall vegetables ;)

Leave a comment below or even comment on my instagram if you have decorated also, I would love to see your decorations and swap some fun ideas!

I hope everyone's day is going well and they are getting as excited for Halloween as I am!