Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Finally! I can once again fake my Starbucks Pumpkin deliciousness at home! I love when the stores start bringing in the holiday goodies!

I absolutely love the pumpkin spice creamer, I don't always put creamer in my coffee...but it is nearly impossible to resist when the pumpkin spice creamer is just sitting in my fridge. When Zack and I went to do some grocery shopping this afternoon I just had to snatch it and put it in the cart!

Most days I do not have time for breakfast in the morning as I am rushing out the door for class (mostly due to the absurd lack of parking for commuter students), but I always manage to get some coffee I know my mornings are gonna be twice as cozy!

Another thing I couldn't resist picking up at the store today...

I know, I know. It's bad. I am all about the Halloween candy right now! In all fairness though, I did only have those few pieces in my hand (pic I posted on instagram) until my body started screaming, "NO MORE SUGAR!" I just love having them in a little dish around the house when I decorate for Halloween, it makes it all the more festive!

On another note, all Zack and I have been doing today has been relaxing and studying. He has been working on studying Physical Chemistry and I have been working on studying my Biochemistry and Microbiology...I have tests coming up pretty soon.

Ahhh yes, just some light reading....

What are some ways you guys have been getting ready for Fall???? 
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Always love talking to you!