Monday, September 30, 2013

Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

Some of My Fall Nail Polish Go-To's 

Right now I am currently wearing Essie's Recessionista. This was a Fall 2012 color last year but I am still loving all of my berry-toned polishes and they are still a great color for Fall 2013.

This color looks like a deep burgundy inside and outside it is a deep plum color. On the website is claims to be a brick red....I definitely see a more cinnamon tone when I am inside but I do not think I would consider this a brick red...

This is how it looks on my hands with the flash on my phone!

That does NOT look brick red to me...but I absolutely love it!

On to the next polish I love during the Fall, I wore this color a lot last year and intend on wearing it again....possibly next time I pain my nails.

This is called Vintage Rose by Revlon.

This is a gorgeous color, it is a mauvy red color, with brick undertones and kind of cinnamon tone as well.

I also have a picture of it from back in summer when I was wearing it...this picture was taken on a cloudy day in my car so the tone of the polish may come off a little different than it looks in the sun!

Oh man! Please ignore that damaged cuticle on my thumb!

Okay, now lets talk about the sparkly gorgeous red color on my ring finger in the picture above...
This color is Essie's Leading Lady. Now I know this seems like more of a Holiday color like Christmas and New Years but I wore it on Thanksgiving last year and I absolutely LOVED it! I still love it! 

Think of this as like Dorothy's ruby slippers and a shade GORGEOUS!

Let's break away from the reds and berries and move on to something more neutral!

My favorite gray-toned brown has got to be O.P.I's  You Don't Know Jaques!

I know that by explaining it as a murky gray-brown does not sound appealing but it really is! It is like the color of a big cozy fall sweater and I absolutely love it!

Staying on track with the brown toned polishes, another one by O.P.I. that I love is Espresso Your Style

This color has some flecks of shimmer in it and it is the exact color of espresso!

Now I will talk about my next three favorites from Orly,

This gray one is called Mirror Mirror and it is this perfect milky gray tone. I know gray seems like a boring color, but seriously this muted tone looks gorgeous on your hand! It is one of my favorite neutral colors...maybe I am biased because I love the color gray!

I think I love this color because it matches perfectly with my wedding band. I love rose-gold. I think I may even have a weird rose gold obsession. It is my absolute favorite. This polish is called Rage by Orly and is the perfect coppery, rose-goldish amazingness in the world!

I do not dislike black nail polish, I actually really like it...but I really love deep blues and deep purples because they can look black in certain light and shine a deep blue or purple hue in another light. 

This color is called Star of Bombay. It is a gorgeous navy blue color. There is some shimmer in it...but inside you will not even notice it, when you're outside though, it is the perfect combination with the polish!!!

These are by no means my only Fall favorites, I just thought I would spare you from the longest list of nail polishes in the world and try to trim it down to a select few that I love and have been wearing/will be continuing to wear as the season goes on!

Let me know what you guys would like to see next in the comments below, on my instagram, or whatever it is you may want to talk about I would love to chat with all of you!