Thursday, October 17, 2013

Epicuren Discovery Hydrating Mineral Mask Review

Okay, so let's talk about Epicuren Discovery Hydrating Mineral Mask. To start off, this stuff is amazing. I use a retin-A at night a few times a week and it makes me somewhat oily during the day so when I see things like "hydrating"...I bolt the other direction! BUT there has to be a balance, even oily skin needs some hydrating! 

Sooo...I have had an incredibly long week with very minimal sleep, 4-5 hours at most every night since Monday. This is pretty typical for most weeks, and even though I do not turn into a MONSTER from lack of sleep I definitely feel like it shows on my skin...I feel like I look dehydrated and exhausted and my skin lacks that healthy plump look.

Last night I thought I would give this stuff a go, I was looking at my dark circles and my exhausted skin and thought it would be a perfect night to see how the product really performs, especially since the weather has been so dry lately my skin has been dry as I went for it!

After the recommended 10-20 minutes on the skin (I waited about 18 min. or so) I gently wiped it off with a warm damp wash cloth, and OH MY GOSH my skin felt amazing. It did not have that greasy feel you get from just throwing on lotion...I can't even explain felt like new skin. I made Zack keep touching my face and I could not stop talking about how good my skin felt.

The product says: For Normal, Dry, and Dehydrated skin types. A creamy mineral complex designed to restore the skin's freshness and moisture levels.

I have the 2.5 fl oz tube.

When you first apply it, it goes on feeling like a watery, thick lotion, but lotions sink into skin and this just kind of sat on top and did not dry like a clay mask. It dried a little but you could still see the white color of the product, it didn't seep into skin all the way, which I imagine is normal. 

I would definitely recommend this product to people even with oily skin like me, my make up went on smoother this morning and my skin just looked rested even though I only got about 5 hours of sleep at most. When you take it off your face your skin feels "cool" not tingly like a purifying mask would make skin feel, but just moisturized, not irritated at all like some masks can be, instead it felt refreshed. I have sensitive skin too. I do not know what happened to my skin, but about 2 years ago my skin started being picky about the products I use on it...this product as well as the other epicuren products I have just gotten have not irritated my skin at all.

Let me know if you want to see more reviews on the other products I have just gotten from epicuren or whatever products you would like to see and anything else you may be interested in seeing in the comments below! 

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