Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rainy Day Outfit

I know this is not what you would expect to see for a rainy day outfit. You might expect to see more layers and a coat on top of a bigger coat...but living in San Diego and it being October, our rainy days are not freezing, yes they are cold, but I could survive without all the layers. Once we hit November and December, forget it, I will be layering coat over coat over trench coat. But for now, this is what I like to wear when it starts to drizzle :)

Rainy Day Outfit

I always love to wear a pair of skinny jeans when it is raining because you do not have to worry about dragging the backs of the jeans through the puddles....I know you have felt that soggy fabric right by your ankle blahhh worst feeling it just sits there, damp, cold, and heavy. 

I love my bright red rainboots that I have. I feel like theyre festive for the colder holiday months and it is a nice change from black. 

A graphic tee is an easy way to liven up a dark outfit, layer it with an oatmeal colored cardigan and an infinity scarf and you have one cozy & comfortable outfit for those drizzly days:)!