Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Where Have We Been?

Hey everyone, we have been in Kauai this past week....

We cannot wait to get back home, Kauai has been fun and everyday has been filled with some activity like ziplining, but we are definitely ready to go home. This is my favorite time of year and although it doesn't snow (and there are no true seasons) in southern California at least there is still some indication that it is winter time. 

We are definitely excited to get back to some cooler weather and Christmas lights! But for now, here are just a few picture we have taken in Kauai so far....a few out of hundreds!

Like I said, these are only several pictures out of hundreds so I will be posting more later, as for now I just posted a few of the views we saw on our hike in Na Pali and also our views from the condo we are staying at as well as the view from Ziplining! A few random pictures of the trip are included also!

I hope everyone is excited making preparations for Thanksgiving, we will be on a flight tomorrow afternoon back home so we are excited for Thanksgiving!!! We can't wait to be home.

I hope everyone has an amazing day! 


As always there are more pictures on my instagram if you are interested in seeing those than follow me @SydneySedillo, would love to follow you guys back:)