Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Pictures and Blogmas Day 4

4th Day of Blogmas

I thought I would share with you guys what Zack, Oak and I did on Sunday afternoon with my siblings and my mom. We took family Christmas Pictures!!! WOOOO! My mom has the CD of all the pictures, I plan on showing you guys more, but for now I will show you the ones that I have!!!

We haven't taken family pictures in forever, it is weird to see how much we have all changed. My brothers are getting too big!

My sister, My mom and I

My sister, My mom and I again

My sister, My younger brother, My youngest brother, and I

In the Back: My sister, Zack and I
Front: My Mom and my Brothers

My husband with his brother in laws and his mother in law :)

All of us again!

This is definitely not all of the pictures, we went to other locations and Zack and I took some with our pup so I plan on sharing those with you guys when I get a hold of them! 

My sister and my brother, just taking our own pictures while we had a few seconds ;)

Thought I would also share a picture collage from my instagram of Zack, Oak and I on a walk on our favorite street during the holidays! This whole street goes all out!

These pictures obviously do not do it justice at all! 
But it is a gingerbread town...I feel like an elf when I am there. We walk there pretty much every night during the month of December. Our pup tends to freak out a bit whenever the Santas on the lawns start singing or when the light-up reindeers starting moving their heads! The other night I grabbed a candy cane off the tree and all three of us headed over to the street to check it out. 

I love this season:)

Do any of you go all out for Christmas with your homes? I can't wait until we can!