Monday, December 30, 2013

December Catch-Up

Well Blogmas ended about halfway through the month of December for me, I really tried. Between finals and family I just couldn't manage to sit down and write anything out. So instead here are a few pictures that I have posted on my instagram or that I have just taken since I have posted last and they were on my phone.

I will be getting back into a posting schedule in the next day or so, I am excited for New Years! Does anyone have any New Year's Resolutions? I never really make any because once the next holiday rolls around you've forgotten about them anyway...

Just a polaroid picture of Zack and I we took on Christmas morning at my Mom's. The Santa slippers below I insisted on getting, I made Zack act like they were for a White Elephant gift at the counter when we were checking out haha! But I slipped them on right when we got in the car. For Christmas, my Mom got Zack and I a ginormous Samsung Smart TV, it is all set up now and we absolutely love it. She also got us a Sonicare, and a few other goodies:).

For Christmas Eve, Zack and I went to church with his family then drove up to my Grandma's in Aliso Viejo to see my Grandma with my Dad's side of the family. Zack and my Mom were drinking Evan Williams Whiskey the whole way up there as I drove, and they are lucky they events always have a way of turning out....eventful.

When we got back to the house I was dealing with a few lil' drunkies on my hands so I became Santa Clause for the night and stuffed stockings and stayed up til 2 AM wrapping last minute gifts and setting them out under the tree for my younger siblings. We all went to bed and got up and enjoyed our Christmas morning!

A picture of Zack and I Christmas Eve. 

A picture of the puppy passed out in my car while Zack was grabbing something from the grocery store. The soup above is the most amazing "Sick" soup in the world. It would be so yummy for when you have a cold and aren't feeling well or just for whenever (we had it because it was yummy). There are no noodles and it is all veggies and chicken, I am going to be making it again and posting the recipe. If you make a big pot of it you can keep it for left overs like we did. YUMMIEST!

UGHHHH Now onto our Saturday night we just had. No one ever wants to go to Medieval Times and if you do, then you were conned into it or a small child bribed you. For Zack's and my niece's 13th Birthday we were conned into going. I think the last time I went to Medieval Times it had been when I was a girl scout and I must've been like 6 years old or something. I didn't like it then and this time was no exception. 

So Zack and I got drunk off of million dollar beer, wine and pina coladas... They know every adult has no interest in being there so the alcohol is a trillion dollars for a sip. Luckily we hadn't eaten much that day so it didn't take much for us... needless to say we ended up getting really into it and screaming and shouting for our knight to win hahaha! It was a fun time with family despite the fact that we had no interest in being there. That is just part of the Holiday's sucking it up! 

This morning we are going to pack up our bags and head back up to San Clemente for the weekend to stay with our families for New Years. Zack's family from Utah is in town so we will be hanging with them as well (that is who went to Medieval Times with us). 

I hope everyone is enjoying being around family this holiday and if not, I hope there is a bottle of wine close!!!

Have an amazing day everyone!