Saturday, December 7, 2013

But I Don't Feel Like it....


FINALS. They're starting. It is so hard to focus on getting cozy by the fireplace and having a fifth candy cane when finals are looming over me! I only have three since a few of my classes this Fall were quad classes so that is a plus! Only two of them really matter to me anyways, another plus! Today is pretty windy and cloudy, we had some sprinkling here and there (oh ya I know crazy weather...some intense sprinkling). It gets pretty crazy here in souther California ;). 

Tonight we have a work party to go to at Zack's boss's house. The lab members and mostly everyone that works with him will be there. I wish I was feeling more social! It is hard to get excited for a party when all I know I need to be doing is studying. So for now I am just studying and maybe later I will post what I wore to the party or my hair and make up! Whichever!

I already went into lab this morning to check my antibiotic plates, walked Oak, and got some laundry and cleaning done! Now I will just sit here and do some light reading ;)

Pages upon pages of cycles! Our bodies are pretty amazing!

What is everyone up to this Saturday afternoon?