Saturday, January 18, 2014

Foodie Things and My Saturday So Far

A few meals Zack and I have had this week!

Gluten Free Homemade Pizza with a Mixed Green Salad

 A Yummy Gluten Free Veggie Noodle Dish! (Homemade)

Some Vanilla Ice Cream with Frozen Berries on top for Dessert!

A Yummy Green Smoothie, Always a Delicious SNACK! In the Vitamix Of Course!!!

So today I have just been getting some laundry done and getting the house kinda cleaned up. After school starting up again this last week I needed to get back on track around the house. Zack has been living it up at a 5 star hotel about 35 minutes from our house for a work its just been the pup and I since last night, but he is choosing to come home to sleep here tonight instead :)....I love that man ;)

I have also managed to get in a low key work out, I didn't push myself too hard today which is fine, but I just wanted to get a work out in....not too bad for an easier day though! I love my polar watch. 

What is everyone else up to today?
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!