Tuesday, April 22, 2014

8-9 Weeks Pregnancy Ultrasound + Easter Weekend

First...The Ultrasound!

Monday I had my 8-9 week ultrasound, so I will touch on that and then we will get into everything else that we did over Easter weekend. Based on first day of my last period I should be about 9 weeks and 2 days, but because I ovulated later in the month I am measuring closer to 5 days behind that...I am measuring closer to 8 weeks and 4 days (Monday). Obviously when I hit the 18 week mark it will be easier to tell because at this stage everything is based on measurements and not the actual fetal growth and all of that. That puts me at a due date on Thanksgiving if I my measurement stays closer to the 5 days behind mark.

So, now for the update. When I went in for my first ultrasound expecting to be 7 weeks I actual measured at 6 weeks 1 day, the heart rate was 108 BPM which was really strong for that early on. When I went in yesterday I was measuring at 8 weeks 4 days and the heart heart for the little gummy bear was at 175 BMP! Way higher! The first time I heard it around 6 weeks I started crying, this time I was just grinning the whole time. We saw the baby moving its little arm buds and leg buds around swimming around in there, it was so much fun to see. I felt really good when the doctor said "you're out of the woods." I knew there was a slim chance of miscarriage, but that reassurance just felt so much better. 

Before I had gone in for the ultrasound we were at my Mom's house. Oak (our puppy love) has been so much more cuddly ever since I got pregnant. He is an extremely protective dog and he shows his affection by laying right up against a door to protect us from intruders, but lately he has been following me around the house everywhere and even falling asleep in my lap. He is always near me when it is just him and I. Obviously he doesn't "know" I am pregnant, but I think he definitely senses a hormonal change and realizes something is different. He fell asleep like this for over an hour, lying on the couch passed out in my lap. I love this little polar bear. 

So here is one of the ultrasound pictures, I posted this one on my instagram as well. As you can see I should be around 9 weeks and 2 days but I am measuring closer to 8 weeks 4 days, so I'm between 8-9 weeks. Doctor said to aim for the Thanksgiving due date. My mom went early with all of her pregnancies so I know that I am still gonna be able to enjoy Turkey day, maybe we will just have a little troll with us! In the picture the baby's head is facing down, the butt is in the air, and the line going across is the umbilical cord. My little jelly bean is swimming upside down. I AM IN LOVE.

This came in my doctors visit goodie bag. Tons of pamphlets, prenatal samples, baby magazines, two bags, a trimester-by-trimester book, more samples of different things, baby formula, and then there is the sequence of ultra sound pictures. 

Now Moving on to Some Easter Weekend Catch-up!

I was craving lavender lounge in San Clemente. I used to go here often when I was in high school and living at home because it was right next to the restaurant that I used to hostess at. It's on El Camino and we went up there after we had spent some time buying a birthday gift for our nephew at the Jack's Outlet on Del Mar for his 4th birthday. I had been craving tea with a lot of ice for some reason and this did the trick. Of course I got decaf, it was an orange vanilla roobios with two scoops of mango choobies:) They were amazing. I went back for the 1 dollar refill later in the day with Zack because I was craving it again. So refreshing! Oak is totally posing for the picture. 

There is a customer in the back, but during the day on Saturday after I had gotten some Lavender Lounge, Zack dropped me off at my Mom's store on El Camino called Ritual Boutique. If any of you guys are in the Souther California area her store is so much fun and she has everything no matter what your style. Especially some new cute boho fringe pieces for the spring and summer! You should check it out. After Zack dropped me off here for the day he went and spent some time with his Dad and later came back to hang at the store for a bit. We walked to active culture for smoothies for my mom and her friend Tina and just hung out there for a but longer until we went back to Zack's parents house for dinner.

My mom had a trunk show for Christy Alvarado again at her store the weekend before Easter. She had a trunk show with her before, in December for Small Business Saturday and my mom had bought me the druzy stone on a rose gold chain and she has a matching one with a different color stone. I was not able to make it to the last trunk show she recently held at her store, but she surprised me with these little baby feet. It is a tiny gold pendant charm and it sits perfectly next to the druzy stone. So excited for little baby Sedillo coming in November. If you guys are interested definitely check out her website, Christy has some amazing jewelry. She is based in Arizona, but comes out here often. If anyone in the area is interested in the next trunk show at my mom's boutique let me know and I will give you the information! 

Here we go, a classy picture heading into church on Easter. My sister was still at Coachella for the weekend so it was just my Dad, my two brothers, Zack and I. We went to Saddleback Church in San Clemente and then we went back to my dad's house for some breakfast with my grandma and one of my uncle's. We finishes up around 11:30 and went over to my mom's around 12. We opened up our "Easter Bunny" gifts from her and it was filled with gift cards, candy, clothes, and more candy....and of course, baby stuff. She spoils us, I have a feeling that once this little baby comes that the Easter Bunny will only be bringing presents to the baby!

We then went over to Zack's parents house again (YAY HOUSE HOPPING) and hid the eggs for our nephew Ryder. This is a picture of my sister in law, Kellie and her son Ryder who just turned 4. They are sifting through the eggs he just found. 

Another picture of Ryder looking for Easter Eggs. After that we had some lunch, played a few games and then Zack and I went back over to my Mom's for dinner and a movie. Then come Monday I had my ultrasound which we already touched on above.

Well, I think that about covers majority of our weekend....long post! But I wanted to get caught up on everything. I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter and time with family as much as we did. I can't believe next Easter we will have a little munchkin looking for eggs (with our help of course haha).

Enjoy the rest of your week!