Saturday, April 19, 2014

7 Weeks Pregnant Picture

So here is an update for my 7 weeks pregnant picture that I promised I would be posting on here. So here is the updated picture! Nothing too much has changed other than my morning sickness has subsided at around 7.5 weeks. Sometimes, every now and then in the morning I will feel queasy if I do not eat something right away. I have been trying to just eat a rice cracker or half a banana if I am feeling sick and that usually does the trick!

So my stomach bloating is starting to subside near my ribs, I think there is less fluid from the cyst now...but now I am bloated in my lower abdomen.....noticeably!

I have another ultra sound on Monday for my 8-9 week check, so I will add that on here come Monday! I will update the blog with Easter photos and our photos from our visit home this weekend:) until then...enjoy your family weekend everyone!