Thursday, April 24, 2014

8 Weeks Pregnant Picture

8 Weeks Pregnant Update

How far along: Going to the doctor this week this past Monday I measured at 8 weeks and 4 days. He mentioned that we will go by this time frame until the 18 week anatomy scan and that we will be able to have a more accurate due date by then. So for now I am still due on Thanksgiving! So technically I am 9 weeks today, but I will be posting a 9 week update sometime in the following week.

Symptoms: Still nauseas every other morning or so. If I am nauseas in the morning then later on that same day I will get sick again....without fail. It has been pretty manageable and not nearly as bad as it was during week 6 and 7. 

Cravings:  I am craving anything that I do not have to make. For some reason I am getting so grossed out opening my own cupboard and trying to figure out a meal. Everything is grossing me out. Everything. So no intense cravings.

Aversions: Pretty much anything that I have ever eaten or anything that I usually make for myself and Zack. When we were home for Easter I was starving and my mom offered me an Amy's which was just a Gluten Free Rice Dish that you can microwave and usually when I am home you can't go wrong with Amy's, they're easy and yummy...but this time I completely broke down and started crying and got really frustrated and asked her to not even show me the Amy's. Safe to say I don't want any Amy's Gluten Free microwave dishes. My poor mom and Zack dealt with a crazy that night haha.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: I haven't been able to sleep as much as my body wants to these past few weeks. School has picked up quite a bit before finals and I have had tests and presentations every week that require all my attention when I get home from school. There hasn't been anytime for a nap and I badly want one. I just look forward to the weekends where I can come home and just fall asleep at 7PM after watching a Dexter on Netflix with Zack.

Excited for: Graduating on May 10th and then shortly after going in for our 12-13 week ultrasound where we can see the baby's hands and feet and everything. As of right now we are just excited that our doctor told us that we were basically in the safe zone even though we aren't at 12 weeks yet.

Missing: Having energy and motivation to do just about anything at all. I was told that I can now start working out normally again after I had some spotting at 6 weeks. I was told to take 2 weeks off and that was hard, but then again I don't think my body's level of energy would have let me do anything draining. I am missing eating like a normal person and not hating everything or getting grossed out by everything. 

Movement: None

Dr. update: I am weaning off of the progesterone suppositories because he said everything is looking good. We saw the umbilical cord in the last ultrasound and that was pretty exciting. I can workout normally, he said to keep my heart rate below I can what? walk fast? I don't know about that....I think we are gonna have to compromise and come to some sort of agreement on what a work out actual is haha.

Exercise: Nothing other than walking the puppy love around the neighborhood with Zack every day. Spoiled pup gets a walk every single day, but really he just goes for the "kitty sightings", he is so intrigued by them. I have also been going up to Zack's work and using the gym there and just taking it easy on the elliptical every now and then. I stopped my HIIT workouts when I found out I was pregnant just in case, but I am going to slowly start incorporating a few a week along with some walks with the puppy around the neighborhood.

So that's the update for 8 weeks, I usually post my updates towards the end of each week so I will be doing the same for my 9 week one. Until then I will still be posting! 

                                       Have a great night!