Monday, May 19, 2014

12 Week Ultrasound

So we had our 12 week ultrasound today. I am 12 weeks and 4 days (as expected) so I am closer to the 13th week mark. 
The ultrasound technician that we see at my doctors office was extremely confident in the gender! We knew it was likely going to be a stretch to see the gender today, but the ultrasound technician was mostly positive that she was correct. The ultrasound technician started calling the baby by the gender, which kind of gave it away that she was confident in the gender she was seeing. I love going to see our technician because she takes her time with the ultrasound. We are never rushed and she is always super into it and gets excited with us which is half the fun of even seeing our little peanut face. 
We are so excited and hey, if it turns out not to be the gender she says then at least we know there is only one other option! We would be so lucky to have either a boy or a girl and we are just excited that the baby is healthy and everything is measuring on track. I was planning on including the rest of the pictures from this weekend, but I was just too excited to get the baby's ultrasound picture up to share with you guys. I have about 7 pictures but I will share the one that shows the most!

In the ultrasound picture above the baby's hand is covering the face partially, but you can still see the nose and the forehead and the little hand! We are in love I just keep staring at the ultrasound pictures and so does Zack... he is beyond excited. I think he was even more excited than I was because he wasn't able to make it to the in-between 9 week ultrasound appointment so for him the baby went from a small little peanut shaped blob with a heartbeat to a full on kicking, swimming, amniotic fluid gulping baby. Also, you can see the baby crossing its legs. Those FEET. I just want to have the baby here with me already! I know it will go by quickly and I am even more excited now. We are getting to the best part about pregnancy. I can't wait to feel the little munchkin kick. 

At some point this week we are going to do a gender reveal for our families. We have a few ideas planned out of how we are going to go about doing it. But for now it is just fun listening to everyone's guesses!

If you wanna make a prediction of the baby gender post it below in the comments! 

You will know soon enough ;) Might be fun to see who was right! 50/50 shot!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and hope your Monday wasn't too painful!