Saturday, May 17, 2014

I've Popped! & What we are Up to!

Around 11 weeks I was still feeling just kind of bloated and I was still able to suck my stomach in every now and then if I wasn't super bloated and you couldn't tell anything was going on down there. But a few days into the 12th week I woke up, and normally I wake up with a relatively flat stomach, and there was this lil' baby bump! I cannot suck it in at all anymore, there is no hope. I keep trying but when I do there is just this little beer belly that just sits there while my upper abdomen sucks in just fine haha. I feel like I have lost a lot of muscle strength in my lower abdomen it is a weird feeling!

So I will just show you the picture of waking up I think at exactly 12 weeks and then a few days later (yesterday) when I was at the gym and I had my little baby just hanging out working out with me.

Haha, not the cutest looking belly, just looks like I have a beer belly, but after breakfast and drinking some fluids it kind of evens out into more of a rounded little belly and not so much of a lower abdomen belly. Yes, it was laundry day again, hence the halfway taken apart bed. I'm just either getting unlucky with the days that I take these mirror shots or I am just extremely impressive and just super on top of the laundry...I think that we should agree to go with the latter.

Yesterday I went to the gym and here is the little belly friend with me. I normally go to the gym everyday or I will walk Oak around the neighborhood for an hour or so or do some HIIT workouts at home. If Oak doesn't get a walk during the day he for sure gets one at night. We never miss a day and it is also really good exercise for myself to walk a lot while pregnant. It is a low key workout and Oak holds me accountable ;). It has just been so hot out we normally stick to walking him at night. 

Last night we decided we would head up to San Clemente for the weekend until Monday. Zack has a friend's graduation party to go to and we were going to have to be up here anyways. The reason we are staying until Monday is because I have my ultrasound appointment later in the morning on Monday so we figured we would make a weekend of it up here. Fortunately it has cooled off. I do however love the heat when 7PM rolls around and we don't have to be bundled in sweatshirts like we normally do being so close to the water. Above is a picture I took when we were driving up to San Clemente last night. It was a pretty sunset and thought I would take a second and snap a picture!

Sadly there have been a lot of fires between San Diego, Oceanside and San Clemente. All you could smell in the air last night was smoke. Hopefully the families that had to be evacuated are safe and hopefully this more moderate temperature today calms things down.

I will be updating the blog probably on Monday with the rest of our weekend festivities as well as the ultra sound! In the mean time if you follow me on instagram you can have a pretty good idea of what we are up to! In the mean time enjoy your weekend!