Wednesday, May 21, 2014

12 Weeks Pregnant Picture

Okay so this week I am feeling significantly LESS bloated. My 11 week picture is just face was bloated, my arms were bloated, my belly, everything. I felt like a walking water balloon. Yes, I do feel bloated this week, but far less than I did last week. Last week I just felt like a giant water balloon.

Of course I waited until late afternoon to take my 12 week picture, one of the things I told myself I wasn't going to do. Another thing I failed to do this week was take the picture at an earlier day. Today I am 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant, 1 day away from 13 that just goes to show where my head is at...I forget everything.

Yes, I am bloated in this picture, but not nearly as bad as last week so here is the 12 weeks and 6 days shot for you guys! Right after a workout and some grocery shopping. I really need to get on top of these belly shots! I am looking like a mess in all of them haha.

How far along: I am 12 weeks and 6 days along in this picture! 

Symptoms: Still getting tired pretty early in the evening. I am definitely starting to go back to eating normally so that's a good sign. I have severe lightheadedness if I do not eat when my body needs me to eat. I get random bad headaches....but all in all, this was a really good week!

Cravings:  I am still loving citrus fruits. I am eating a lot of grapefruits and spicy foods I still love. I am not having that bad of cravings this week and feel like they are finally starting to subside which is nice. I can get used to this whole second trimester thing;).

Aversions: No aversions this week! I mean random things don't sound good...I still can't cook my own meat. Weirdest thing in the world I know. It doesn't even make sense to me. I am just so put off by the idea of making my own meat. I was craving steak at the beginning of the week and my mom texted Zack and I asking if we wanted Jason (her boyfriend) to BBQ chicken or steak for dinner and without hesitating or even bothering to ask Zack what he wanted I texted back, STEAK!!! So no real aversions this week, just something little everyday sounds gross...nothing in particular.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: Less naps this week, YAY!

Excited for: We had our 12 week ultrasound at 12 weeks and 4 days and we saw our little love. I just had little tears running down my face. The ultrasound technician was nearly positive of the gender, but we won't be saying anything until our 16 week ultrasound to confirm it, but it will likely not change ;)

Missing: My old body. I am not upset by any means, but there are some mornings where I am like wow, I don't even recognize this body...and this is just the beginning haha.
Movement: None

Dr. update: We see him in June again so a few more weeks!

Exercise: I workout every day of the week, whether it be walking the dog, weight training, the eliptical precore machine, or HIIT workouts at home I make sure to do something every single day of the week. I think it has been helpful with keeping the baby happy and healthy. Same for me too. I always feel better after a good workout with baby, even though I can't push myself nearly as hard as I was before being pregnant it still feels good to sweat a little and release some endorphins.

There are some mornings where I struggle with the way my body looks, but that's just because I am still at the awkward in between stage of pregnancy where it just looks like you've been throwing back one too many beers. I am just so excited for my belly to round out and make a cute little bump. I am appreciating every moment I have with my little one in my belly. Zack is getting really excited this week as well. I think it is becoming more real to him, especially after the ultrasound.

I would love to talk to any mommy's out there or even do some mommy blog stalking ;) so if you have any blogs you suggest or a blog of your own you want to share leave it in the comments below!