Sunday, May 11, 2014

We Have Graduated with our BIOCHEM BS Degrees!

Finally! It is over! Yesterday, on Saturday May 10th 2014 Zack and I graduated. We graduated with our Bachelor's of Science degree in BioChem and he with a minor in Business as well. We graduated with Honors and Tri-Beta. As of right now, it seems like college took forever to go by, it was hard class after hard class and I took 20 units or so my last semester. Just thinking about all of the science courses we took it is crazy to think we got here. Zack graduated in December of last year, but had to wait until the May ceremony to walk. I am happy he was able to walk with me though, it made sitting in the blazing sun with our black cap and gowns a little more bearable;). 

I know that in a few weeks or months I am going to look back and think wow, that went by quickly. As for now, I think I was in hell for 4 years haha, just kidding, it wasn't that bad. It definitely was difficult though. We had to take some extremely hard classes, pull some all-nighters, go to bed consistently at 2-3 AM for a semester, and sometimes we would forget if we had eaten dinner or not haha. We did make some great memories and we had fun staying up late studying with each other and teaching each other. Luckily, we took a few classes together and it was so fun living with a study buddy. We always have great conversations and science-y discussions and it is fun to be able to connect on that level, but even more fun to tell each other when the other person is wrong about something! We can't wait to answer the silly questions our kids ask, like why is the sky blue and why are sunsets red and be able to answer their questions with a very scientific answer ;). A lot of the "silly" questions they have we will be able to answer and it is fun to think that we will also be able to challenge them and get them to really think. We can help them with homework and just engage them and get them excited about education. 

We cannot wait to move on to the next part of our lives, welcoming our little baby in November, having more late nights....only this time we will have another friend with us demanding a diaper change or feeding. Zack will be starting a new job in about a month and eventually leave his lab job, we will be waiting for baby to get here and I will be working on a few jobs here and there. I cannot work in a lab yet and be around chemicals so for the next few months I get to enjoy a small break from work and just do a few things here and there. He will be based in Orange County where our family lives so...looks like we are moving back up to San Clemente, Dana Point, or Capo Beach area. I will start doing some house hunting this week! Our little studio was a great place to be close to school and felt like an upgrade from a dorm room, but now with a huge doggy-friend and a baby on the way we are outgrowing it and ready for a change.

These next few months are going to be full of changes and we cannot wait for them!

Our parents have been so supportive and loving and we couldn't have done it without them. We are off to San Clemente today to celebrate our Moms and give them some love. Do the same with your Moms! They love you. I will be doing a Mother's Day post after today so peak in for that!

Have an amazing day!