Tuesday, June 10, 2014

14 Weeks Pregnant Update and Catch-Up

We are finally settled up here and everything in San Diego has been handled.  Zack will be driving back and forth to work for the next week, but then he starts his new job up here the following week. Things have been so busy and scattered that for my 14 week picture I also have some less than perfect mirror pictures after waking up in the morning. I will be posting the proper picture for the 15 week update this week also. I am behind on my posts so I am just going to bombard you guys with a bunch of posts within the next few days!

So here is the 14 week belly shot in my extremely attractive pajamas. We have still yet to unpack everything and I am having to take these in the mirror in my Dad's living room. Zack and I are staying in one of the extra rooms here at the beach while we continue the house search.  Like I said, I have the chalkboard and will be back to doing chalkboard updates for my 15 week update! Yay!

How far along: I am 14 weeks and I believe 6 days pregnant in these pictures...waited til the end again...

Symptoms: I have stopped throwing up, but I am having headaches and really bad lower back pain randomly, near my tailbone. My boobs hurt, but they are slowly feeling a little less painful.

Cravings:  I haven't been having any cravings at all. If someone mentions something for dinner or lunch that sounds good I will get excited haha, but no real cravings on my own which is nice. Still craving meat every so often. I think my body is just demanding protein right now.

Aversions: I don't really have any aversions this week either. I can't think of anything. I am finally feeling like myself again, yayy!

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: I didn't take any naps for week 14, I did start crying when it got late at night and I wasn't asleep yet but that was because we had been moving and cleaning all day, but apparently I was emotional and wanted to sleep. I felt like a toddler haha.

Excited for: Confirming the gender of our baby :)

Missing: Feeling comfortable in a bikini haha, I am still in the awkward phase of pregnancy where it is debatable on whether I am fat or pregnant. I am missing fitting into all of my old clothes comfortably and without having to try on a million things that only barely look acceptable for public. I have been living in workout clothes. 
Movement: None

Dr. update: We see him soon to confirm the gender, but the gender isn't a secret amongst our family we have only told a few close friends too, so we will see if the gender is different or if it stayed the same!

Exercise: Still exercising daily! Long walks and walking the dog to keep my baby and myself healthy! 

Moving on to Catch-Up

This is hopefully the last time I will have to combine two posts like this. Things are finally settling down and we are getting used to the adjustment and all of that so let's hope for the best! 
 Here are some things we have been doing, in no particular order. Just a few things that we have been doing in the past week! 

It includes mine and Zack's birthday celebrations (4 days apart from each other) and random pictures from throughout the week!

For my birthday we all went out with my family to Sundried Tomato in San Clemente and because for some reason I crave meat this pregnancy I ordered a steak....which I NEVER EVER do. We had a low key dinner, celebrated and then went on back to my Dad's to fall fast asleep because Zack had work the next day.

This was before we had gotten ready to go out for dinner, Zack surprised me with some gorgeous flowers including my favorite, gerber daisies :)

Here is another shot before we went out to dinner, lovin on my man ;)

On a different day (they have all become the same day now in the hectic process of moving), couldn't tell you which day haha, but Zack found a precious little bird learning how to fly in my Mom's backyard. It's mom was having a heart attack chirping up a storm as Zack held it so we put it back on the edge of the fence and it continued practicing how to fly. The little bird couldn't get itself off the ground so it needed an extra little help from Zack haha. BIRD WHISPERER. 

Apparently I am not feeling photogenic at 5:30 AM, this past Saturday (hey there's a day I know...only because it was ZACKS BIRTHDAY) I woke up early to take Oak on a beach trail walk because we live two steps away from the trail and I wanted to get on it before the 7 AM dog walkers. Zack ended up waking up and going on one with me, only he cheated and took the beach cruiser bike instead.

Nice and blurry, but also a nice and empty parking lot. No walkers this early:)

Hey I guess I am having pregnancy cravings because this is all I seem to want. I keep craving really cold teas and slightly sweetened drinks. I think it helps keep my blood sugar up without having to eat around the clock. I feel like I need to come with instructions...feed every 2-3 hours or else it will begin getting really mean and emotional. So Zack and I went to Lavender Lounge and I got a Decaf Strawberry Tea with Strawberry Choobies and he got a Sweetened Black Tea with Lychee Choobies....and yes we went back for refills and then I had to pee every 5 minutes for 2 hours straight. Worth it. 

We took Buddha, one of my mom's golden retrievers (one of our family dogs) that I grew up with on a hike with Oak. It was pretty hot out so we didn't stay out there for too long (and I had to pee, as always), but it was good exercise and it is always nice to do cardio outdoors rather than on a machine. 

My brother had his prom this past Saturday. So this is just a picture of my brother and his girlfriend taking pictures before prom. 

Zack and I then rushed back to his house which was only a few minutes from the picture location to head out with his family to his birthday dinner. Our birthdays' are only a 4 days apart from one another so that's always kind of fun. For Zack's birthday he was really craving Buffalo Wild Wings, so we went there to celebrate!

Just a  picture of Oak on Zack's parents porch which I posted on Instagram already, so if you follow me on there then you have already seen this adorable little face ;)