Thursday, June 12, 2014

Get Fit Like Fido!

I've collaborated up with DogVacay, an online dog boarding community, to talk a little bit about staying fit and healthy and some tips and fun workout ideas to incorporate into your workout schedule or to just mix up your daily routine!

As I mention in just about every blog post...I love my pup, Oak, and I constantly work out with him.  Having a healthy and fit dog has been beneficial to myself, especially during this pregnancy because it helps motivate me to get out there and stay active. However, I do love circuit workouts and although my circuit workouts have been more sparse since being pregnant I do love to incorporate them into my workout schedule when I can. 

DogVacay came to me with this cute idea to share with all of my readers. They teamed up with Certified Fitness Trainer & Registered Yoga Instructor & dog-lover, Julia Chan to create a workout that benefits both yourself and your loving pup!

Below I have included the DogVacay's Get Fit Like Fido circuit workout for you and pup! I am a fan of circuit workouts myself.  I love circuits that incorporate squats, jump squats, burpees, push-ups, lunges and more for that all-over body workout. You will be sore everywhere after a circuit workout, but it is the best kind of workout in my opinion and also often the quickest! It is important to warm-up and cool down with any workout...even this one below.  Maybe just take the doggy friend on a walk around the block first to loosen up those muscles and get some blood flowing, that's my favorite warm-up at least. I am always ready for a circuit workout after I go on a walk with my dog. The time frame can range to fit your schedule too. You can warm-up and get your heart rate pumping or do a lighter walk and get some stretching time in too. Cooling down is just as important and the circuit workout provided by DogVacay's Fit Like Fido has a few ideas for you! Some of these moves include some yoga positions for those yogis out there. I know I will be making use of the yoga positions with being pregnant to strengthen my muscles instead of overworking my body on a daily basis. 

Anyways, I thought this was a really cute idea that was brought to me and I thought I had to share it with you guys! Even if you don't have a dog and you are one of my readers that loves to work out it might be fun to just try the circuit anyways, maybe it will help you get out of a workout rut. Circuit training always gives me more energy, however, I can't say the same for your dog. Your puppy will likely be ready to pass out for the day. 

Save this image to your phone, your computer or wherever and you have it with you on the go!