Monday, June 23, 2014

Gender Reveal

I know that is has been posted on Facebook & Instagram and all over the place, but I thought I would post a proper gender reveal.

We went to the doctors at 12 weeks and we were told it was definitely looking girly. We planned on doing a whole gender reveal party and everything and then we realized that it wasn't really for us...they seem fun and I love seeing other people's gender reveal parties but we couldn't keep our mouth shut. We instead told our family and closest friends that the ultrasound technician believed it was a girl. We waited to confirm at our 16 week appointment to tell everyone. It wasn't really a secret, we just didn't want to share the gender with people until we knew for sure. There was NO DOUBT ABOUT IT at the 16 week appointment that it was a girl. The ultrasound technician is so funny she kept calling our little girl flashy and there was a point where our little babe was full on spread eagle...modest. Although, it was definitely helpful in confirming the gender, she definitely wasn't shy!

So here she is at our 16 week 4 days appointment. Doing little backflips! She is so cute, she is also super active. I feel her moving all of the time and she is not very gentle. I was surprised to be feeling them so early, but even Zack can feel her little kicks when he puts his hand on my belly. She is feisty for sure! She is most active when Zack and I are having a conversation or when she hears Zack talk, it is the cutest thing....I totally teared up the first time I felt her. It was the weirdest and greatest feeling ever. 

  This is the photo Zack posted on his instagram and his facebook for the official announcement!!!

 I posted the glitter storm on my instagram which I am sure you all saw if you are following me on there!!!

Oh and we couldn't forget Oak's instagram, yeah we are those weird people that have an instagram for their dog...  So below is his official instagram announcement that he is gonna be a big brother to a little girly! Awe he's getting a sister, which is nice because he prefers little girls to boys....boys are too rough with him!

We would have been happy with either gender as long as our little babe was healthy! BUT we are extremely excited that she is our little girly....and Zack was extremely excited as well, he wanted a baby girl and I must admit I was kinda hoping! I knew that at some point that I wanted at least just one girl, now I don't care if I have 6 little boys running around as long as I got one baby girl!