Friday, July 11, 2014

20 Weeks Pregnant Picture


How far along: I am 20 weeks in the pictures this week! Look at me staying on top of it and taking pictures earlier in the week ;)

Symptoms: Extreme lower back pain, but closer to the left side, it hurts when I walk only on my left side and it is starting to make my knee go numb. I look like I have a serious pregnancy waddle going on when I limp. I am thinking I will be going to a chiropractor within the next week if there is no relief because it's been about 2.5 weeks of pain; I am also experiencing some really pretty break outs on my face every now and then so that is always fun to wake up to...feel extra gorgeous in the morning; My boobs won't stop growing, so that's scary haha; I get bloated easily, but that's nothing really new! Other than that the symptoms haven't been too bad, everything you kinda expect to go along with being pregnant!

Cravings: Still no cravings. I am actually extremely picky with food lately...citrus always sounds good still.

Aversions: Mexican food. I used to be able to eat Mexican food every day of the week...breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now, I have overdone it on the Mexican food. NO MORE.

Wedding rings: On

Sleep: Been able to have later nights and earlier mornings without desperately needing a nap during the day so that has been nice. There are of course a few days where I feel like I am going to pass out if I do not take a nap, but they aren't as frequent as they were in the first trimester. I am just happy to be feeling like myself, a fatter version of myself haha.

Excited for: Monday we have our anatomy scan in the morning so I am excited to see our little babe. Every month is a countdown until we get to see her again so I love ultrasound days. 

Missing: I am missing not having lower back pain and not having to pee every five seconds. I think I need a portable restroom with me at all times. It is ridiculous! I can't even drink half a water bottle without having to pee five times after. It's not even like I am peeing a lot...but it will feel like I haven't peed in hours! Still missing my old body but remind myself everyday that this is only temporary, I am growing a little mini "us" and we are going to be so in love that sacrificing my body for a measly 9 months is nothing in comparison to the love and joy we are going to get out of our little one. I am missing my more intense workouts...they always gave me more energy and I always felt so refreshed and good after a good sweat...soon enough! 
Movement:  She uses my bladder as a trampoline. She loves to move around, especially in the morning and when I am hungry. I imagine her bouncing all around in there intentionally pushing off of my bladder. I will be sitting there thinking...oh I kinda have to pee and then all of a sudden BAM she pushes off of my bladder...and I have to run to the bathroom. She has done really big kicks where Zack is like "woah!" and it is fun to watch her move around in there when I just lay down. If I am still enough Zack and I can see her moving all around based on my belly looks like a wave, I think it is because it is much thinner skin there.

Dr. update: Monday we have the big scan so I will do a separate update for that come Monday!

Exercise: Everyday! Some days I have to take it easier because my lower back pain has turned me into a gimp, but I am walking as much as possible. I tried doing a more intense workout and felt a pinch and felt her move weird on my left side and stopped immediately and took it easy for the rest of the day. Just squats, leg lifts, long walks, and trying my best to not give into any cravings when I do have them. I will a few times a week, but I try to put it off as long as possible if I have any! 

Here are some new ones I thought I would add at the half way point:

Stretch marks: No stretch marks yet! Been greasing up in my homemade body butters every night, BioOil, Palmer's stretch mark lotion, and a few others. I think I will do a separate post on the oils and lotions I use in the near future!

Swelling: I think it is too early to notice any swelling. I stay fairly active and it is hot outside, but I don't swell anymore than I normally would working out at this time of year. 

Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes purchased yet. I have still been avoiding purchasing them until I am absolutely desperate...or if I need to at all. I haven't been wearing jeans or anything, but that is because it is summer and I have been sticking to workout clothes, maxi skirts and dresses. The hottest months have yet to come for us in Southern California so I wonder if I will ever need to purchase maternity jeans this pregnancy. We will see!

Labor signs: No labor signs yet! Hopefully those bad boys steer clear for another 17 weeks. 

What I am loving: I am loving feeling her move, I know she is technically only awake for about 6 hours a day...but I feel her moving almost all day. She is a hyper little one. 

Best moment of this week: Feeling her movements a lot more intensely! Just sitting in bed and watching my belly move and seeing her little kick box moves! Definitely the best feeling is knowing that she is doing well and moving in there. It always confirms that she is safe and growing.

XOXO Sydney