Sunday, July 13, 2014

Snippets From This Week

Tuesday, my mom and I went to the LA shopping district to shop for clothes for her boutique. My back was bothering me pretty badly and we were starving all day, but it was fun and we enjoyed hanging out and we grabbed quite a few great pieces for her store. This is just a picture leaving the LA market and heading home after a long, long day. 

Wednesday, Zack and I had a mid-week date and went on a walk around the Dana Point harbor and got ice cream that we BOTH had been craving for about two months now! We love the bubblegum ice cream they have at the ice cream shop there so we figured we would cave this one day and go grab one and walk around. Of course we had our white furry child with us.

Thursday, Oak and I went on a nice morning walk like we typically do every morning. I had to take a break on Saturday this week because my back is in so much pain. I think it is from my workout shoes + the growing babe so my lower back is just kinda thrown off. I see a pregnancy chiropractor on Tuesday around noon. Hopefully that does the trick! However, it was a gorgeous morning! We have been having consistently great weather which means better workouts for me! 

Yesterday (Saturday), we went to the beach with our family from Utah, it was their last full day here. It went by so quickly and we all wanted to squeeze in one last beach day before they left. We had gone a few days during their visit and it has been so relaxing with such great beach days. Instead of going to a beach in San Clemente like we usually do and had originally wanted to do, we opted for a much less crowded Salt Creek in Dana Point. We got there early in the day and stayed until almost 7PM. It was gorgeous out and we were soaking up the last bit of beach sun with them before they head home to Utah this afternoon. 

I hope you all had a wonderful week with great people! Enjoy relaxing summer weekends, they are the best!

XOXO Sydney